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ginger nut Posts: 5989
i know i've posted on this topic before but is it really normal to feel so tired all the time? I feel i could sleep around the clock....although i'm grand when i do force myself up esp if i have a bit of exercise but i really feel like i could sleep and sleep and sleep. when i do go for walks etc i don't feel breathless or anything which makes me think it's less likely to be anaemia and more to do with pregnancy hormones. Anyone else feel this way?
Rocket Queen Posts: 7381
Ginger I'm the same way. I was in bed all over the weekend by 12 and didn't even wake until 9. I was so tired by lunchtime I would have given anything to lie down again. I'm wrecked every afternoon. Not sure how long the tiredness lasts - maybe it's the whole 9 months.
Elliecat Posts: 2725
Yep, I'm absolutely knackered at the minute - after lunch in work is the worst, I just feel like i could put my head down and snooze for an hour! Going to bed really early too and still knackered in the mornings. I think I'm going to start trying to get out for a bit of a walk in the evenings to see if that will give me any more energy.
Christmas B Posts: 6191
[color=indigo:rdijod87]I was told that the tiredness would wear off in the second trimester.... no such luck!! I'm still constantly wrecked!! I've been taking iron supplements for the last two weeks and they're doing nothing for me!! I'm back at the doctor tomorrow, so hopefully, he'll advise me as my blood tests will be back too!![/color:rdijod87]
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I thought I was the only ony so tired at this stage. I am just exhausted all week, I really thought I was getting over the tiredness last week and even managed to go for a walk a couple of evenings, but all weekend I could have just slept and slept. Slept really well last night but just wrecked all day. I was really hoping I'd be back to normal at this stage.
NotHere Posts: 10273
I'm still tired but I think it's more to do with lack of sleeping. I wake up loads and have to have loo trips as well. Hope it passes for you soon Ginger :thnk
ginger nut Posts: 5989
it's funny but one thing i'm not doing is a lot of peeing....don't think i'm dehydrated though as the wee isn't dark or anything. still alternating between being starving and feeling sick. just ate the weirdest dinner of toasted soda bread with laughing cow triangles, with tomatoes and salad cream......gonna pay for it in about half an hour i'd say. But i have ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream for afters :o0
NotHere Posts: 10273
[quote:2gkqhurl]But i have ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream for afters[/quote:2gkqhurl] Jeez, don't be sicking that up and wasting it! :o0 I was still really sick up till week 14/15 Ginger, and then it just started to fade off and my energy levels picked up. So fingers crossed that you're coming to the end of it :wv
mummy bear Posts: 3824
Me too the tiredness is unreal, i am just back from a walk on the beach with the girls, will be ready for bed by half eight., when i get in from work i am fit for the couch and my pj's and its such a shame in this glorious weather. I was reading that your energy levels are meant to pick up in the second trimster well i am still waiting for mine :o0
ginger nut Posts: 5989
[quote="Flutterby.":dd7z8c8q][quote:dd7z8c8q]But i have ben and jerrys cookie dough ice cream for afters[/quote:dd7z8c8q] Jeez, don't be sicking that up and wasting it! :o0 [/quote:dd7z8c8q] flutter the ice cream is for after the sicking up.....on the grounds that babs and i need the dairy goodness!