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tippb2b2013 Posts: 19
Hi wollies Im so upset. i was at my parents on Sunday with my fiance. we were talking about styles/colours of bridesmaid dresses when my mother said in front of my fiance that my dress is soft lace so i should go with chiffon bridesmaids. then i was looking up pics of bridesmaids dresses on mtg phone that id saved because i liked the colour but i think my fiance saw a pic of a wedding dress very similar to my dress id saved. im so upset i don't know what to do now. should i change my dress to a completely different style??? :'( i hate the thought of him knowing what my dress is going to look like before our big day. :weep
fixibelle Posts: 201
Don't worry about it! I doubt he could possibly visualise your dress based on a general comment like that and a swift glance at a tiny phone pic! I've discussed my dress's sweetheart neckline in front of H2B without any worry. If you're really panicking, just ask him. Am sure it will all be fine :)
tippb2b2013 Posts: 19
He definitely knows what it looks like because he said oh thanks that's what i can expect so soft lace on the day. I tried to pass it off as a joke but i know its probably bothering him as he hasn't wanted to know any details about my dress he wanted it to be a big i over reacting thinking about changing my dress? :'(
Snuffy Posts: 1492
He probably has absolutely no idea what soft lace means. Honestly I'm a bride to be and I don't even know what it is, though that could be due to the fact it's almost 2am and I need to get up early in the morning but can't sleep. I bet even if you showed him a picture of the dress, come the day he wouldn't even remember or think hed seen it before. I think you're over reacting a wee bit thinking about changing your dress. But only because I honestly believe he hasn't a clue about what he heard actually means.
Dollydo Posts: 759
Unless he is VERY clued in to fashion and styles I think you're safe. Fmil said something similar in front of h2b, I said it to him later on and he was like, dollydo I can't remember my suit nevermind the material in a dress! Even if he seen the exact dress he has no idea how it's gonna look on his beatiful bride to be on the day. Relax and enjoy your dress
cunninj48 Posts: 217
My sister (only BM) said in front of my now husband that my dress had sleeves and this was over 2 years ago before Kate Middleton's dress. So OK he seen a picture of it...nothing will detract from him seeing the actual dress on you when you walk up the aisle. You fell in love with that dress for a reason don't second guess yourself.
MrsAmy Posts: 983
Jeepers, I wouldn't worry about that at all!!! bet you all he saw on the phone was a snipper of white, and I'd say he's fairly clued in that you'll be the one in white... if he's anything like my OH, he'll have long and ever have forgotten what it looks liek - if he did see it - after a week! Besides, you'll look totally different in the dress to the model, and YOU'RE the one he's marrying... what will make the dress beautiful to him, is YOU in it! Don't stress the small things!!
redgp Posts: 1681
Don't worry! He won't have a clue what soft lace is or even looks like and even if he saw the style of your dress, you'll look so different and beautiful coming down that aisle. It won't even matter. If you're that upset about it. Ask him straight out to guess the dress and see how close he is. My h2b has guessed the style of my dress and he was bang on. I just take it as a compliment that he knows me so well!
McLisa Posts: 1815
stop worrying about it, im my opinion the bride never looks like the picture of the dress on the model anyway. My h2b knows my dress is lace as we have a lace and pearl theme for the wedding, its no big deal.
CarolinaMoon Posts: 2431
Honestly I think you are overreacting to this and there is no need for a new dress. Your mum really should have said nothing infront of your OH and ok he saw a picture of a long white dress but he won't actually have a clue you know? It'll be grand.