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miss shimmer Posts: 453
Hi girls, Didn't know where to post this, im not really having a rant, im just upset. My little girl is 3 and a half, and she's not talking yet. She was put on the waiting list to see a speech therapist through the HSE when she was just over 2years old, we were waiting ages for her to be seen and then when she was the speeh therapist was just really unhelpful saying theres not much she can do when shes that young with her and hopefully she'll start talking soon etc. Anyway my little girl was only seen by her a few times and that was once a month which I thought was useless. Anyway we brought her to a private speech therapist last week and she did an assessment on her. I think i kept making excuses for my little girl not talking yet. Shes an only child and theres no small kids around where we live, so was thinking maybe that a disadvantage for her. Anyway the sppech therapist said that the way shes interacting - playing etc shes only at the stage of a one year old. Im in bits, feel like its my fault and I should have done something and not let it get this far. On top of all that Im in my last year in college and just found out that Im after failing a subject that Ive been carrying since last year. Ive only one chance left to repeat it and if I don't Ive failed the year. At the minute Im wondering if I should just drop out and concentrate completely on her... My heads all over the place..
woc Posts: 156
read this and didn't want to not reply. you say you feel like its your fault but the fact that you posted that shows that you are trying your best for your little girl. i felt my dd diagnosis was my fault at the time but now i know it wasn't anything i did and i am doing my very best to help her now and that is all any of us can do. you say your girl isn't talking yet, but does she have a way of communicating with you? is she responsive to you etc.? i did the it takes two to talk programme and they told us to talk to the child and wait for a response and then wait a bit longer even if they don't respond give them time, they might do some action or a smile etc and then really encourage that best of luck and hope you feel better soon.
offbeatbride Posts: 7
hi i read your post and had to reply, im sorry its a bit late. just to tell you that you are absolutely not a fault for the way your daughters development issue, in no way should you blame yourself. you sought help for her when she was only 2 and she is 3 now so she is still very young yet. please do not blame yourself. the fact that you are so concerned for her you have sought help for her shows that you are doing all you can. you must be under so much pressure with college and with looking after your daughter it cant be easy for you so please do not blame yourself. i hope that your daughter will get the help that she needs and im sure that she will make great progress given the necessary support, all kids develop differently and for some who develop slower than others but it is amazing how much of a potential there is for them to improve as they get older especially when they start school, etc. you should be proud of yourself for getting to the final year of college and i hope that you found the energy to be able to complete the year, if not you can always repeat at some other stage in the future when you have less to worry about. i hope that your daughter is making good progress. i have young children myself & have been through college while they were still young so i know the feeling of pressure & of guilt also, that you never seem to have enough time. as parents we always second guess and blame ourselves. but looking back you will be proud of all you have acomplished and your daughter will grow up to be proud of having a mum who did all of this for her. wishing all the best for both of you and i hope you get the support you need. O:o)
Calm Posts: 15
hey, Just seen your post know it was a while ago but I’m sure its still on your mind. my nephew didn’t start talking until he was 3 and at that he was only saying words not sentences yes it is very worrying, he would point to things and make a grunt but we wouldn’t give it to him until he made some attempt to say what it was, he still cant say hot chocolate and he is nine. When in school he was diagnosed with dyslexia but with extra help and a class which he attends one day a week he is keeping up with the class. he to went to both public and private speech therapy from what I gathered from them you need to pronounce the words eg cat ca-a-t and tell the child how good they are when the make some attempt in saying the word (encouragement) when you see a bus point at say bus b-u-s bus and look at child when doing this also getting them to blow bubbles helps? someone told my mother Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 so if anyone ever said anything to her she would say, "sure Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was 4 so watch out world"!