So upset tonight

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bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
its probably the hormones but i rang my bro to tell him our big news and he didnt even say congratulations he said well are u still coming on holiday with us and 'so u will be starting all that shite again' :o( He is a lovely brother and has an ongoing illness but i really set myself up to tell him tonight so now im here crying my eyes out cos the call went awfully probably the hormones :o(
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
Ah, that's very disappointing, you'd think he'd congratulate you first ;o( Did you say anything to him at all? I'm sure he is happy for you though, just thinking about his own stuff too much. I would definitely think the hormones aren't helping either though, I get moments of wanting to burst into tears and there can be no reason at all! :-8 Hope you feel better soon :action32
bridalnowmam Posts: 2202
thanks bumpfor2011, i didnt say anything at all, i was abit shocked but when i got off the phone i felt really hurt and upset, perhaps when i see him this weekend he might be happier, at least i hope so
Daff Posts: 11644
Men O:| try not to take it personally. I think their brains just work practically like that and emotions take a while to kick in. DH would be the same and I want to kill him most of the time. When you are feeling better I'd ring him back and tell him that his reaction upset you. He'll be horrified adn treat you like a princess when he sees you next :o0
lolly2010 Posts: 707
Aw try not to take it personal :action32 people deal with things different, when people tell me there preggers i say congrats and give then a big hug others dont even bat an eyelid, we are all different so as i said try not take it personal. Im expecting my 2nd now, 1st time i told me da he hung up on me and this time when i told him he said "and what the f*ck happened to im NEVER going through that again?" :yelrotflmaosmilie: he just isnt great with expressing himself so i just let it roll of me back :yelrotflmaosmilie: the hormones dont help us, i have some crazy days because of them :duh: but just think.. your happy, he has no reason not to be happy for you, you know that, so you dont need him to say it. I hope you feel better soon :action32
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
It's not just the hormones - Men, and in particular Brothers, can be notoriously idiotic. Mine had the same reaction - in fact I think he said "Oh, right", even though he knew I'd had a miscarraige 4 months previously. Try not to let it upset you - there are lots and lots of people who'll be over the moon for you.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
[quote="mysteriousmise":ufkx7wcm]It's not just the hormones - Men, and in particular Brothers, can be notoriously idiotic. Mine had the same reaction - in fact I think he said "Oh, right", even though he knew I'd had a miscarraige 4 months previously. Try not to let it upset you - there are lots and lots of people who'll be over the moon for you.[/quote:ufkx7wcm] Lads just haven't a clue what goes through our heads (and our bodies) and yes, brothers in particular can be prats! It takes a while for these things to register in their little heads! :o0 Here's some excited bouncy men to make up for your brother! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll My own brother and SIL had just had their first LO 3 months previous and he still acted a little stunned. He did make the right noises like "Oh, when are you due?" etc. But it was the next time we were chatting he was excited for us and about his LO having a wee cousin and asking how we are getting with Dr etc. The most unusual things will upset you with the aul hormones you will find, especially in the early days! For example me getting tearful out of nowhere in the middle of the baby shop in Arnotts....... All part of the fun, girl! Try just to enjoy your moment and not let other folk bother you! Congrats!
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Try and not let it you bother you, people just react differently and open their mouths without thinking and it's not just men. When I was pg with DS I was meant to be BM for a friend. I was going to be over 8 months for it so I decided it would be best to step down. We live a bit apart so I had to tell her the phone (it could have beens weeks before we would get to meet up) and I was dreading it but was ready to understand if her first thought went to her wedding. However she couldn't have been more excited for me and I felt so great after. She asked me though to tell my other friend early too because she was afraid she'd let it slip. So being in such a great mood after that call I rang our other friend all excited. Her reaction was along the lines of "oh" followed by "why you tellings us so early" then "what do you mean you have to step down?, god poor x that's awful, is there no way you could it?". I was gobsmacked and so upset when I got off the phone. She did text a while after that though saying she had been shock but never actually said congrats either. The main thing is though you and your DH are excited and so ye should be :xox :xox
Carmcd Posts: 146
Ah Bridal, ya poor thing. Don't let it get to you if that's possible. I am the same in that every little thing is making my eyes well and i have a little blub at things I'd normally just shrug off. In particular people's reaction to my news, majority of family and friends have been amazing but 2 'pals' in particular have not been great and it's really upset me. Try to focus on the happiness of the situation and the love you have for your little bump. Your brother is just being a bit insensitive.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Ghostchild, at least the bride was good about it! I do think people just open their mouths before they think especially if they are kind of surprised at your news. I have to say that the vast majority of people have been brilliant and been excited and delighted for us and giving me hugs. Bridal, you will find this the more people you tell your news to. If he was my brother I wouldn't be long in telling him that "Congratulations!" is the normal response to good news! (But then I'm a sarky cow and you're probably a much nicer person..... :o0 ) Hope you are feeling better about things today. :action32