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SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
One thing I've noticed over the months ......[size=50:37l3fv8y]years[/size:37l3fv8y]......on WOL is the amount of worrying we all do. I'm a demon for it. I am never without a worry. I obsess and stress over everything in my life! It's quite a time consuming thing :-8 So I'm thinking if we write our worries down it might help ease the burden, getting them off our chests! Maybe just saying it aloud will be therapeutic and maybe some reassurance from the other Wollies will help. Today I am freaking out. Having a total stresser. I am in my new job 6 weeks (after 7 yrs as a SAHM). I have a day off today, but had a missed call and message from my boss saying we needed to have a meeting tonight to discuss my productivity and how we can structure our week better. This could be nothing, it could be handy, BUT in my mind I am going to be fired....or asked to do twice as much work as I have been doing....or criticized for what I have been doing. I am actually sick with worry, and its totally ruined my day off. Now there's absolutely no reason for me to be this worried. He only told me last week that he was happy with my work, and when he came into the office yesterday we got on great. But my chronic lack of belief in myself is making me doubt everything. I have DH's head wrecked with my worries and have sent my sister dozens of texts. .............and breathe.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
So do you have to go to meet him this evening? That's crappy on your day off- why couldn't it be arranged for a day you're at work? Anyway, I am sure it will be fine... fingers crossed for you! I don't have much worrying me today. My dad is staying this week - he has a broken elbow & hip, and can't stay on his own, and his OH has had to go away for her own medical reasons, so I am a teeny bit worried he'll do himself an injury while on my watch! He's been walking with his stick all day today, when really he's meant to still be in his chair, and I know he's not allowed to do it in his own house :o0 Worse than a toddler!
Lennyx Posts: 242
Oh sookie don't be worrying at all. I'm sure it's nothing at all!! Although I'm the same I over think things WAY too much. My worry this morning was about work too. Sitting on the Luas on the way to a meeting with a project group I'm currently working on when I get a txt from my boss "I need to see you in my office before the project meeting, how soon can you be here". Que the panic of "sh*t what the heck did I do wrong". Turns out he was only giving us feed back from a meeting he had with the CEO last week and it was nothing major at all!!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
[quote="Rocksie80":27rfsge1]So do you have to go to meet him this evening? That's crappy on your day off- why couldn't it be arranged for a day you're at work? Anyway, I am sure it will be fine... fingers crossed for you! [/quote:27rfsge1] Sorry to hear that about your Dad Rocksie. My boss is a total workaholic, doesn't think twice about calling at any time, or asking if I want to work on my day off. He would do it, so thinks everyone is like that. He wants to do it tonight, so we can start anew straight away tomorrow morning. I just don't know what more I can do, I always finish the work I get, so if anyone needs to be more structured its him not me! Oh God Lennyx that would put the heart crossways in my too.
puddin2 Posts: 1093
I feel your pain! I over think everything and worry over the silliest things! Constantly since Christmas have been worried about finding a job. Then worrying that if I find a job and need a month off for wedding and honeymoon that they won't let me have the time off! Also need a new crown on my tooth (only have the current one 4 years so defo not in the budget)! Car broke down yesterday and now even though it's fixed can't help thinking that something else is gonna go wrong with it! Realised last night that the envelopes I got for my invitations are too small :o0 :o0 this would be disastrous if I had realised any closer to needing send them out but will have it sorted tomorrow. Also when I got back from the gym this morning I noticed that all of our fish were gasping for air - they were fine last night! So I was worried about H2B (who is working in Wales at the moment) giving out to me as if it was my fault some how :duh: ! Of course he just told me what to do to try sort it out which took hours and a few casualties but looking a lot better now. Feel so sad when any of the die. Sorry for the length of this!!!
peacockgirl Posts: 1312
mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
that somehow the lease we're about to sign will fall through. we've finally found the perfect apartment to rent, supposed to be moving next weekend (finally we're moving in together :o)ll ) but panicing that they're going to turn around and say they''ve changed their mind. or that H2B's housemate will make thing extremely difficult for us when they're splitting the apartment he lives in now, and screw him over with whats his >:o(
LastRolo Posts: 6892
My job, money, picking the right wedding dress and worrying if it will come in on time.
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I am worried about how i will afford to fix my car. Just spent €760 on a fuel pump and fixing a large oil leak and now it keeps cutting out. Im not convinced the new pump was needed so i have taken the car to a different mechanic. I think depending on what he tells me i might have a fight on my hands to get a refund for some of the work.
Mrs Fahrenheit Posts: 1582
I am worried that I will be turning up to my wedding with no shoes, no jewellery and with the worst skin that I have ever had in my life. And that OH will have no suit..... There's food, music and somebody to marry us though so that's something.