So what date am I due to finish???

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mcglick Posts: 463
Hi girls.... My due date is the 01/01/09..... if I was planning on finishing two weeks before, what date would i be dure to finish? Christmas day and Stephens day falls right at the start of my leave, do i take them at the start of my lave or to I leave them to be added on to the end of my leave? Also ....whats the soonest you can go on maternity leave before due date? Thanks !
StayShiny Posts: 1078
hi :wv .. the way i understand it is you have to go on mat leave 2 weeks before and up to 4 weeks before (or any day in between) .. Bank Holidays, etc., during your maternity is tagged on the end :) that is either either after the 26 weeks or after the 26weeks + what your taking as the unpaid mat leave part.
MrsJayKay Posts: 3025
Hiya. As far as I'm aware, you have to take your maternity leave [b:2rnkwm3m]at least [/b:2rnkwm3m]2 weeks before your due date. You can take it earlier if you so wish but you must take 4 weeks after your baby's birth. You have 26 weeks "paid" leave and you can then take a further 16 weeks unpaid leave if you so wish. You can take it your leave when ever you want so long as you have at least 2 weeks before your due date and at least 4 weeks after the baby's birth. You must give your employer at least 4 weeks written notice of your instention to take maternity leave. You must also give your employer at least 4 weeks written notice if you intend on take the additional 16 weeks unpaid leave. Hope this helps.
MrsK07 Posts: 454
I'd say you are due to go on maternity leave on the 18th of December. You will get Christmas day and St. Stephens Day to take as bank holiday days at the end of you maternity leave.