So where did you meet your other half ?

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Diddums Posts: 204
My sister has been moaning recently about not being able to find a boyfriend - I had the cheek to say that maybe she had been looking in the wrong places and got my head bitten off ! But (like Carrie Bradshaw) it got me thinking - where did you all meet your significant others ?
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
met him on holidays....met him halfway through the week and we were stuck together for the rest of it :o0 he came down the weekend after we came home and every weekend after that till we moved in together a few months later :lvs weird thing is i wasnt even supposed to be going on that holiday but someone pulled out at the last minute and i just filled their place :eek
Little Miss Chatterbox Posts: 1362
I met my H2B in Australia! We both worked together.........he asked me on a date a few times and I said no each time. Then my friend encouraged me to go, what had I go to loose sort of thing! He moved in with me (and 7 others!) three months later and we have never looked back!! Best thing I ever did was buy that ticket to Oz!!
SingleNoMore Posts: 146
My mammy met him at a rugby match and fell in love with him so arrived home with his number....I text him for a laugh and exactly 4 years later we have 3 month left til our wedding :lvs Good ole mammy ai :o0
DutchBrideandSwedishGroom Posts: 99
Our story is bit unusual actually. My H2B is from Sweden and myself from Holland. We met in 2005 here in Dublin when we were both working in a voluntary organisation. My H2b had taken a break from his job in Sweden to volunteer in Dublin and I was on placement in this organisation for my social work course. During 6 months we lived in the same house and soon became very good friends and then our romance :lvs started!! We were both confused as this is not quite what you expect coming to a foreign country just with the intention to do some work! :o0 We both felt it was inpossible to deny our feelings for each other and we knew the only decision to make was to move back together to Ireland. In January our time in Ireland was up, we felt so sad. We phoned daily between Holland and Sweden. In May my H2B resigned from his job in Sweden to move back to Dublin where he had been offered a position in the same organisation where we worked together. I still had to graduate and after I finished off my course in July 2006 I moved over to Dublin as well and we have been living together here since. To leave my family in Holland has been the hardest thing I ever done. I miss them so very much especially now during the wedding preparations. But you see... love conquers all! :xox
theoracle Posts: 7664
That's a lovely story Dutch bride! I am German married to an irishman and I also know a dutch girl here in the west who has fallen for an irishman, my love story started in Germany and hers in Holland though.....
DutchBrideandSwedishGroom Posts: 99
[quote="hu101":dh2dzc90]That's a lovely story Dutch bride! I am German married to an irishman and I also know a dutch girl here in the west who has fallen for an irishman, my love story started in Germany and hers in Holland though.....[/quote:dh2dzc90] Wow that's lovely...we are very international all together!! :o0
mrs bmw Posts: 6447
I bought his apartment from him!
early days Posts: 691
I dont know which one to tick as I need to tick 3 of them! [b:12nnw73n]Through friends[/b:12nnw73n], at their [b:12nnw73n]wedding[/b:12nnw73n], which was abroad so a [b:12nnw73n]holiday romance[/b:12nnw73n] too
bijou Posts: 1154
I was working in a shop/petrol station and he came in for cigs. I thought I recognised him and asked if he was one of the R? but he laughed and said no, but his sister was married to one of the R's. Then I realised who he was and we got talking. I never met himbefore but know his sisters. Bumped into eachother a few times for 2 years and then, Christmas 2001 I was working in a bar and he was a regular, and we hit it off. He walked me home a couple of nights, and stayed and then never left!! That was 7 years ago now, 2 LO's and wedding in July!! By the way, we never fancied eachother at all, just got on really well and a lovely friendship turned to love!! :lvs