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mumof2 Posts: 3864
Girls I know I should possibly be posting this in Health & Fitness or something but I only ever log onto this thread so I really need to know if you have experienced anything like this. As most of you know, I had a m/c in May and this time, I had myself worried sick over first back pain and now a pain in my shoulder. It started on Monday and it has gotten worse each day. No-one here had ever experienced shoulder pain in early pregnancy - so I googled 'shoulder pain - early pregnancy' and scared the s*it out of myself as all the sites came up etopic pregnancy. I rang the hospital and they told me to get a doctors note and come into the emergency room. I went to the doctor who checked me out and told me that it wasn't my shoulder but more my breast - he said at first that he couldn't feel any lumps or bumps but then when he pushed on the right side of my right breast he said he felt something (it was very painful) when he did this. He said he wasn't worried but it needed to be checked out straight away. I am going on holidays on Thursday and he said for peace of mind he would try to get it done before then. He tried to ring someone (I presume to make an appointment for me) but couldn't get through and told me to ring back on Monday and he would let me know when. He kept reassuring me and his last words were 'I hope I am giving you the impression that I am not one bit worried, as I am not, but all things relating to breast needs to be checked out." I left feeling okay and relieved that it was nothing to do with the pregnancy but since I came home I can't get it out of my head. Was meant to be out at a work night and dh is out with his brothers, so he doesn't even know I am at home. Called out to my parents but didn't want to tell them as they are in great form and didn't want to bring them down. Don't even want to tell dh as don't want to worry him. I know I am babbling but I have spent the last hour staring into space, then decided to log on and see if any of ye have ever had this, or know someone that has. My biggest concern is that if it is a lump benign or whatever, what does the shoulder pain mean - is it spreading. Please say a prayer for me that all will be okay
oirish Posts: 1541
Oh septprincess you poor thing you must be in the horrors. Try and calm yourself down before you make yourself sick with worry. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about and the doc just wants to have you checked out to put your mind at rest. It's more than likely something hormonal causing it? Hope so anyway fingers crossed and just offered a prayer to himself for you because I know how worried you must feel.
Sugababe* Posts: 988
Septemberprincess please dont worry yourself too much.I know its easy to say!!A couple of years ago i had a painful lump in my breast and was terrified, got it checked out and it was nothing.Just a blocked something. We all think the worst when it comes to things like this but try and stay positive.Could it be mastitis or something maybe to do with your hormones and your breasts changing due to your pregnancy?? Also googling your symptoms is probably the worst thing to do ever!!! I know i've done it so many times and every time i've been up the walls,its so not worth it! Would you maybe tell DH?I know i would be the same not wanting to tell anyone but you need him now and i'm sure he'd rather know so that you have him to talk to.Also it will be less stressfull on you than having to pretend in front of everyone? Try to relax tonight and dont worry you are going to be fine. :xxx Let us know how you get on
Dreamster Posts: 6620
I will say a prayer for you - I KNOW you will be ok but a prayer won't go astray! I think you should tell your husband - he won't thank you for being so worried and keeping it to ourself. A problem shared is a problrm halved.... Mind yourself and take care........
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Thanks Girls I actually feel a bit better having told DH. I played it down, well not played it down to him actually but told him in a very positive way, in that the doctor wasn't a bit worried - he was upset at first that I hadn't even told him I had pain but he is okay, worried but okay. I feel okay now that I told him, it was stupid to think of keeping it to myself but I didn't want him to be worrying unnecessarily when nothing can be done till Monday anyway. Thanks so much for the prayers girls, it helps alot I will never google a symptom again, I can tell you :o0 :o0
Thumbelina Posts: 2340
You poor thing! I'm glad you told your husband, it's horrible bottling up a secret all to yourself. I discovered a lump a couple of years ago (I wasn't pregnant at the time) and went to doc about it. Turned out it was gland that was blocked & I was told it was hormonal and would clear itself. I was just told to take paracetamol if the pain was bad enough. The guideline for malignant lumps that you need to worry about is that they generally don't hurt. I think it took a couple of weeks for the lump to disappear & it's never come back. Try not to worry x
mumof2 Posts: 3864
Thanks, it is so reassuring to hear stories where it turned out to be nothing I really appreciate it
chilledout Posts: 834
Sorry to hear you're so worried. If the doctor isn't worried at all then the chances are its nothing. As some others said its probably a hormonal thing. Your breast tissue is probably starting to increase and it sometimes causes pain. I remember when my breasts grew during puberty I was in agony! Try and take your mind of it (easier said than done!) and stay off the google searches! Let us know how you get on on Monday.
sunshiniest Posts: 303
Hi SeptemberPrincess, Just to try and put your mind at ease. I came off the pill for a while about years ago to give myself a break. Next think I knew I discovered a bump on the side of my breast which was tender and freaked out!! Went to my doctor who treated it exactly the same way your doctor did. He said to me he thought it would all be fine, he reckoned it was a cyst that with the return of normal spiking hormone levels had become swollen but it would probably return to normal, but as it was breast + lump he wanted me to get it checked out pretty urgently. I went in for an ultrasound and was told indeed it was just cystic activity and not to worry. Your doctor has been extremely professional and I'm sure it will all be okay. Sending a quick prayer your way O:o) anyway. I'm finding at the moment with the pregnancy that my boobs are pretty nuts again... never mind tender :eek :eek!!
pattie Posts: 2379
Septemberprincess, just wanted to echo what Thumbelina said, that the malignant ones don't usually hurt. My mum had 2 malignant lumps removed last year and they weren't even remotely tender. Benign breast lumps/cysts are really common (2 of my friends have had them in the last month) and I'm sure the fact that you're pg makes a painful cyst even more sore. They'll probably do an ultrasound to check them out so you shouldn't be waiting round for too long. Stay away from google till then and dont be worrying.