Solids and wind

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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
since starting solids i noticed DS with more wind, he would cry in pain and eventually would get it up, i noticed when i put him down to bed at night he would wince in pain and id have to pick him up and wind him again, he also had upset tummy at 4 this morning but after a drink of water he seemed ok, he is just 6 months, he was colic at the beginning but it passed at 3 months, he was very hungry so started him on rice at 4 months which was fine but now i have him on Breakfast: ready brek with fruit or sometimes just fruit., 5oz Lunch: sometimes just organic yogurt also mixed with fruit, pear/apple dinner: veg, broccli, carrot, parsnip, cauliflower with potato. pureed in blender. then last thin at night 9oz bottle, is this too much????
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Mrs. Electric. Could the veges be giving him wind? Did you introduce a new food around that time the wind started? I would say replace the pureed veges with a portion of baby rice or something simple (easily digestable). Good luck x sg
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
hey swissgirl ya he was fine on broccoli and carrot but i think it could be the parsnip or cauliflower that could be doing it, so i might just reduce to 1 or 2 veg for now and see how i go or back to babyrice for awhile, all trial and error, thanks for yout reply.
Princess_Jessabell Posts: 291
maybe it was the rice just bloating him?