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baby08 Posts: 181
Hi girls, has anyone got any good remedies to deal with bloating. it's so bad that by midday I can hardly get my trousers shut!! and i am only 10 weeks tomorrow....
Idina Posts: 1289
I think it's pretty mcuh par for the course! Drink lots of water but other than that this does happen at that stage of preg. I remember I'd put on a pair of trousers in the morning and they'd be fine and by evening I'd have to open the button and zip!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Like Thistle said its par for the course and i think there is very little you can do. My clothes were tight from bloating until about 12 weeks and then it went and they fitted again until about 18/19 weeks.
baby08 Posts: 181
thanks girls....i kinda thought that there is not much that I could do about it! I hope it does disappear soon. I'm dreading the day when i get up form my desk and have forgotten to zip up my trousers :o0 :o0 :o0
2006wedding Posts: 965
this may not help you but i discovered that oranges were making me bloated! i swopped my daily 2 oranges for 2 kiwis and noticed a big difference in the evenings (i used to get really bloated then). so maybe have a look at what you eat every day to see if theres anything that might be making you worse.