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Scots Irish Posts: 32
Hi, i am new to P&B i got my BFP on Wed, now i tested early as i just could not wait any longer, AF due this weekend. We went to see the GP today again i know very early but DH just wanted to hear what she had to say, while being very nice she baiscally gave out to me for testing and said i should have waited till next week!!! I was asking her about symptoms but she said i wont have any as its too early and i asked her about the cramps i am getting and again she didnt really comment and told me to get bk onto her if i take af nxt week!!! I know that anything can happen but i did expect her to be a bit more positive am i just being extra sensitive?? Also is anyone else getting cramps in early stages is this normal?? sorry for long post i am just feeling a little down...
bam bam Posts: 1756
I find docs can be very insensitive when it comes to early pregnancy, I wouldn't mind her. I got cramps around the time I got BFP and kept getting them for a good while, its just your body changing to take in the pregnancy, implantation, stretching to make room etc. Oh yeah my symptoms didn't kick in till a week or two after getting the positive, but remember not everyone gets symtoms either so don't worry. Mine were that horrible matellic taste in my mouth, sore boobs, veiny boobs and then the MS kicked in about 7/8 weeks!! Stay positive chic Congratulations on your BFP!!
milis Posts: 7998
Congratulations :o)ll Doctors prefer you to test later because many chemical pregnancies happen before 4 weeks (when AF is due) and you wouldn't know you were pregnant if you hadn't tested early. So really, it's to save some people the heartache of miscarriage... how that translates into being mean to people who do test early I don't know!!! Never mind her, she's just being cautious! Doc's tests aren't as sensitive as the ones you use at home, so it wouldn't come up positive til next week. Cramps are perfectly normal, and can feel exactly like AF cramps. It's the baby snuggling into the lining of your uterus, and also your uterus expanding to make room for baba. Congrates again!
jill80 Posts: 565
Congrats! Try not to let the doctor get to you, I had a very similiar experience when I first went (and my period was overdue a few days then). Some doctors are very clinical and disregard how much a BFP means to the person. Try to relax and not worry. Congrats again and enjoy
babybuzz Posts: 474
yeh docs are pretty insentitive re early testing. i was the exact same after going to the doc. my af was due on the saturday and i was convinced i was going to get it because of the cramps even though i had 4 positve pregnancy test. congrats on your bfp! hope you have a happy & healthy 9 months
Scots Irish Posts: 32
Thanks girls, i know she has to be honest with me but it was just her manner and tone that really got to me. Fingers crossed it all goes well and thanks again for making me feel a bit better... :thnk
babybuzz Posts: 474
i would try not let it get to you, my doctor (he was only a locum) was a dick! he told me his tests were more sensitive than mine, i told him to cop on that my test cost €15 and sure as hell he wasnt bloody paying that. he soon shut up the fecker!
Bear Posts: 671
Congrats on your BFP, don't mind the doc. I had loads of pains at just over 4 weeks but never got any sickness, sore boobs or anything. Baby buzz you have me in stitches here!! :o0
Scots Irish Posts: 32
Thanks Girls.. Doc never done a test on me or a urine sample it really was a let down going to her. Well i have really sore boobs, cramps, eating for 4 :o0 and just want to sleep all the time..
Dora the explorer Posts: 1570
Dont mind her the docs can be awful insensitive, just wishing you good luck and sending my congrats x