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spritzer Posts: 625
Hi All, H2b out of work (works in construction), they may have work coming up but dont know when. I was just wondering can he claim social welfare for time he is out (but then if he has work for a couple of weeks) what would happen then? It's sooo hard when you have mortgage etc to pay from only 1 income. Any advice would be appreciated :thnk
woohoo09 Posts: 630
He should be able to. he might have to wait for it to be processed but will eventually get back pay. the only way to find out really is to go into the local social welfare office for a meeting! *)
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Is he paying PRSI and working for a company or self employed on a C2 or whatever?
spritzer Posts: 625
He works for a company, the only thing i think might cause a problem if he gets a couple of weeks work here and there would that cause a problem. I suppose the best thing is to go to social welfare office & see what they say
babynumber1 Posts: 282
he can sign on and then if he gets a weeks work just sign off for that week etc.. as far as i know anyway!
mad woman Posts: 22106
I think there is something about casual, I'd ring revenue or social welfare and see what they say.
daboy Posts: 229
Dont dilly dally. The sooner he goes in the more cash he is possibly entitled to. You can get payments backdated BUT only to the date of when you first register with the social welfare. If your husband hasnt registered already then you have (potentially) already lost 100s of euro. It might be a while before they can tell you what you are entitled to but first register and then start asking questions! It happened to me back in 2000 and its the same rules now. When I finished college It turned out that I was entitled to about 100 euro a week (I paid a full 12 months of PRSI stamps during my placement year) but I lost almost 2 months of payments cos I didnt register at the earliest possible moment and only found out i was entitled to cash in the middle of the summer. For me that was the guts of 800 Euro beer money for nothing that I missed out on. Christ I was gutted!
curliwurli Posts: 3369
yeah as long as he lets them know the weeks that he gets work then he should be fine - should definitely go and start the application process - you can also try going to community welfare office for supplementary income while you're waiting for the unemployment money to go through althought they are pretty busy these days so there might be wait on that also.
spritzer Posts: 625
Thanks ladies for the adivce, going to ring him now to tell him to join the queue!
tilsun Posts: 4506
May be slightly off point but a poster mentioned that you can only claim from the day you first register. My sister was made unemployed a few months ago and was thinking she'd get work straight away so did not sign on. A month or so later with no work coming in she went to sign on. They said if she could give proof she was looking for work they would backdate payments. so she provided rejection letters etc and they backdated her money. Thought I'd mention it in case it helps anyone.