Some else getting credit for doing my flowers for my wedding

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mkb Posts: 1744
Girls im rightly Peeved off, this might sound confusing so i do apologise if it is. My best friends mother was out for a walk the other day and she ran into a neighbour or hers and my mothers( they live up the road from each other) they got chatting and my mates mam said "my daughter is getting married next year etc etc" and nosey neighbour turns around to her and says "oh do you know that girl around the corner who got married a few weeks, (lets say) got Mrs. Carroll from up the road to do all her wedding flowers for her. My mates mam said do you mean Jezebelle and nosey neighbour was like yep, she got Mrs. Carroll to do them and I heard she did an amazing job. My mates mam said well no you have your facts wrong because jezebelle did all her flowers herself, I know for fact because I got them off her and brought them to the church for her. And the nosey neighbour insisted that no Mrs. Carroll had done them for a fact.My mates mother had to practically shake her and say sorry missus but she didn't , every last flower arrangement was done by Jezebelle. The actually story is that Mrs. Carroll dries bridal bouquets and frames them for you and she is framing mine, she is brilliant at this but does not do wedding flowers. but somewhere along the way chinese whispers started or someone is lying about what they do and this might sound childish but im not getting the credit for doing my own wedding flowers. its really really peeved me off. After my wedding I promised myslef to make a good stab at getting into the floristry market. I really really love it and enjoy it and i think im pretty damm good at it. but if half my mams neighbourhood is now walking around saying someone else did my flowers thats a fat load of "word to mouth " business gone and snatched right out for under me. I feel a little childish, like im crying over spilt milk. but the wedding business as we all know is based on good recommodations. I booked practically all my suppliers from advice from you gals on here. so im really upset about it.
cosmicgirl Posts: 343
Ah don't be letting this stress you out. It sounds like the woman was impressed with your flowers hence she was recommending who she thought was the correct person. And don't you know that if she is that nosey she'll have to clarify it with Mrs "Carroll" so you'll be "vindicated"! The truth always comes out eventually...give it your best go and don't be worrying about what if's. If your flowers are good enough (And I saw your pic's they looked fab) you'll do great! Sure...she'll be passing you're name on next!!! O-O
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
don't be stressing yourself out like cosmic girl said the nosey neighbour will have to find out if she's in the wrong so it'll come out int he end it was you and your mam and her friend can start spreading the word about your floral business when its up and running and you'll be mentioned all over town :)
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh that would really annoy me too O:| I would pay nosey neighbour a visit and put her straight!
soulful Posts: 1697
Oh god, no big deal really. You know you did the flowers, anyone close to you knows you did the flowers. F*ck what that woman says, she is just one person. You will have lots of business I'd bet and will do really well so don't let this dishearten you and don't ever let anyone stop you from doing what you are meant to do xxx :thnk
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
It sounds like a case of getting wires crossed - maybe as Mrs. Carroll is drying your bouquet it was presumed she did all your flowers for the wedding even though that isn't her line of business. Don't fret over it - if people go to her looking for flowers to be done based on this they will soon find out that it's not her business.
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Ah, I'd be a bit miffed too... you spent ages on your flowers, and had them just the way you liked them, were all chuffed with your hard work, and now nobody knows it was you!! Totally understand why you are peeved! But, it will all work out. Like OP said, if someone goes to Mrs Carroll looking for flowers, I'm sure she'll point them in your direction. Also, it's a compliment really, if people think your flowers were very professional and that Mrs Carroll did them (I know she dries the arrangements, but if she has a good reputation for that, then it's not surprising that she has a good reputation for fresh arrangements). And, isn't it good that the gossip was saying nice things about your flowers, and that your friend's mum was able to put her right about where they came from?? So now she can gossip all she likes about "Did you hear Jezebelle did her own flowers, weren't they fabulous??" etc So, while I'd be annoyed, after a while the correct story will be out there and word of mouth will start to pay off. :wv
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks girls, I think really just needed to vent. I know in the long run it probably won't have any effect but I just felt so engraged to be honest when i heard it ant then another neighbour said the exact same thing to my mum over the weekend so i really bulling >:o( >:o( I'll be collecting my bouqeut off "mrs. carroll" soon, so I might just politely say would you mind setting the record straight and also please don't be telling half the neighbourhood my business. It errked me a little bit too that she was telling everyone i was getting my flowers dried by her. You know, shes providing a service to me that im paying her for its not for everyone to no its my personaly businesss. sorry I was about to rant again. anyhow onwards and upwards from this I will not let myself be dragged into aul ones busy bodyness. :)