some more advice please, panicing again

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lisacats Posts: 38
Went to the doctors this morning, told her I did a test and im pregnant, and she talked for a while and took a urine sample, but said I didnt need a pregnancy test if I already did one, she felt my stomach, but didnt say anything, just gave me a letter for the hospital. Felt a bit strange, surely she should have done a test?? now im starting to think maybe im not pregnant, (she said i would be about 6-7 weeks) should I do another test just to make sure, have images of going to hospital and them telling me nothing wrong with me...maybe im worrying too much? yesterday i was in a panic about being pregnant, now im in a panic about not being pregnant!!!!...Also forgot to tell her i had a smear test done in May, so now panicking in case that affects the baby, rang the well woman centre and they said im fine (but she didnt seem too knowledgable) i panicking over nothing? Did anyone else's doctor not do a test? Any help appreciated. She also gave me the letter, does that mean i ring and make an appointment with the hospital or do i call in with the letter??HELP Sorry for all questions!!!
irish bride Posts: 558
Hi Lisacats, My doc was of the opinion that once your home text says you are pg that there is need for any more tests. Re the letter can you read it and see what it says? xxx
lisacats Posts: 38
Its sealed, i saw her write it, it was like a family history thing, and i cant remember if she told me to bring in with me, or ring up and book appointment and THEN bring it with me, sure ill ring up and see what happens. This is all so new, its mad isnt it, im sitting with the girls on break and noone knows im pregnant, everyone talking away and its all i can think off, finding it hard not to tell at least one of my friends, i usually tell them everything!!! Thanks irish bride for your reply
nettie07 Posts: 293
hi there my docter didnt do pg test but i had done three already, there is no harm in doing a test it will relieve ur anxiety. about the letter id bring it to the hospital bafore the appointment. congratulations to you :thnk . its very hard to keep it secret, i know i couldnt, good luck.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
My gp didn't do a test either - took my word for it. I would guess that she felt your abdomen to see if she could tell how far along you about 12 or 13 weeks, the uterus moves up the way and can be felt. Re: the letter. My gp gave me one to send to the hospital, requesting an appointment, and stating my edd. That was all that was in it. The family history part was taken at the hospital appointment. If you're concerned about what's in the letter, open it!! It's about you after all....don't know why she would have sealed it. Anyway, you don't even need to visit the gp to get booked into the hospital, so you will need to ring them to make an appointment anyway. Best of luck ;)
Lily9 Posts: 40
Hi Lisacats, sure do a pregnancy test if it will set your mind at ease it will do no harm, re the smear test, if you are 6 to 7 weeks pregnant you conceived sometime between 30th may and 6th June (last period sometime around 16th-19th May?), and the cervix is closed like a clam after conception anyway, and implantation wouldn't have occured until about a week after conception anyway so no need to worry. Re the letter, read it and open it if you like, it prob just says your age, due date, whether your urine is infection free etc and your BP normal. Have you decided what hospital and doctor you want to go to? Look into that and then ring and make an appt, you don't actually need the GP referral letter.
Expecting Posts: 11
My doctor didn't do atest on me either - I had done two myself so she said there was no need. She also gave me a letter in a sealed envelope to bring with me to my first appointment so I think all you need to do at this stage is ring the hospital and book in.
coolbride Posts: 63
Girls whats this about letters - my doc did do another test on me but I didnt get any letter - should I? It's so difficult the first time not knowing what the procedures are, how you are meant to be feeling, what's normal -I nearly feel like I need someone on-call 24/7 so I can constantly ask questions. Then you start becoming paranoid! It's going to be a long 9 mths!!!
grumpy Posts: 1280
My doc took my word for it too, no wee test for me. I've read on here that the tests you buy are more senstive than the doctors "dip stick", so some people get a positive on a clearblue, but a negative at the doctors cos they're only a few days late on their period. I got the letter too, and it was sealed, but I've taken to opening them up and putting them in a new envelope lately - they are about me after all! Mine basically states my name, age, address, last period, edd (but the doc is a MONTH wrong!) and says that I have asthma, but it is controlled. She wrote "Antenatal Clinic, First Visit" on the outside, so I'm going to give it to the midwife when she comes to my house for my first visit (I'm doing the Domino scheme).
MsHogan Posts: 87
my gp didn't do a test either, I had only done one before I went to hospital.. You made me laugh cos u remind me of me, even when I went in for 20 week scan I was half expecting them to tell me to go home and stop wasting their time!! Only when I saw scan did I believe it!!! Even though, to be honest... I think it was when they handed him to me that I finally really believed..I think I went into shock.. You logically know that there is a baby in your tummy but it's just such a shock to actually see it, that's how I felt anyway Good Luck... nas for calming'll never be calm again!!! heheheh