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sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
This is my dress, my first fitting is Saturday and i'm thinking of changing it to a love heart neckline and adding little straps off the shoulder ones to match the material - what do you think? mixed views already my bridesmaids said ah sure it will do, i just feel its plain and if i had to chose again i would pick different. :o( So i need wolly advise. Thanks :wv [img:aydudcsr][/img:aydudcsr] [img:aydudcsr][/img:aydudcsr] sorry pictures are so small.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
I think its a lovely dress. Its hard to say though about off the shoulder straps, would need to see it on you IYKWIM Hopefully you will love it again when you try it on!
Kop Mama Posts: 804
I think the dress is lovely but if you dont like it anymore can you not change your mind as you havent had a fitting?
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Dress is ordered in shop, my first fitting of my dress this Saturday. No i do like it, prob just having second thought like most brides before i try it on 1st time. Think i'll def change the dresses neckline from straight across to a sweetheart shape, its simple but very elegant. Hopefully Saturday i'll realise why i picked it firsrt off.
blink Posts: 821
I think it really depends on you, your frame and your style. I think it's an amazingly beautiful dress that I could have pulled off when I was 20 but couldn't on my wedding day, so I went for more details, but god if I had the figure that sure would be a perfect dress. I went for a sweetheart neckline myself and love them, but again it depends on your shape etc. I really love this dress you have chosen, I think it will look amazingly elegant and if you think you can pull it off I'd say go for it, it's gorgeous. I personally wouldn't change that dress for the world. You can buy little sleeves to attach to the dress, and I think you can get them in lace, not so off the shoulder more on the edge of the shoulder iykwim. Check the buy and sell forum someone was looking there recently. Seriously though, everyone has there doubts, I bought two wedding dresses for christ sake! I spent over 4 grand I think in the end and still wore the first dress I wanted to buy. Think it through girl and let us know how you get on!
blink Posts: 821
Oh sorry also, I know I'm going over the top, but god I think it's gorgeous. Did you ever see the Newbridge silver necklace, I can't remember the name of it it has little flowers going all the way around with one pink and the next blue, it's gorgeous and would suit. Very Kathereen Heigl, is that her name> 27 dresses?
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Blink, just a lovely post. I'll be going to bed happy now. It was because of my shape i picked this dress first off, the lady we were dealing with said fitted would suit me better and she was right. I looked like jordan gone wrong in anything big, even thought thats what i really wanted. i'll def let you know how i get on. xx
wifey001 Posts: 170
I think the sweetheart neckline and straps is a lovely idea - will just make the dress that little bit different from the traditional which I like. Good luck its a beautiful dress
shiversmoy Posts: 635
I love the dress as is but like the other posters said it prob depends on your shape but if its perfect as is then I'd leave it because it really is beautiful. :o)ll :o)ll
kingdom girl Posts: 955
I tried this dress on too - is it linzi? please dont touch the neckline as it is a fantastic dress. i personally dont like sweetheart necklines, a bit dated looking IMO but i think if you add anything to it you will ruin the look. have tried on loads and going for a dress similar - sometimes simple works well!