Someone give me a mass booklet template....

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MyDreamWedding1 Posts: 1281
Buskers has freaked me out, she is getting married the week after me and she is super orgainsed. I cant work the one on, can I steal somebodys pleas? :thnk Sorry for naming and shaming you buskers... :wv
mad woman Posts: 22106
you can have my one page thingy, pm me iwth your email address.
stellam Posts: 131 have a brilliant one just updated, fill in all your details, pick fonts, pick your readings, everything!
Leanne24/05/08 Posts: 100
PM me your email address and I can send you mine.
emma_b Posts: 234
Hi I have a template for mass scrolls that somebody sent me on here. PM me with your email address if you would like me to send it on.
newyear08 Posts: 580
I agree with Stellam I went onto & thought it was very easy to complete because I thought it would be a nightmare, I have mine 90% done & I have over yr left :o0 :o0
Mrs..D Posts: 1741
I;m after using the one on gettingmarried as well, was wondering though, do I need to run it by the priest first or will he just accept the readings and stuff I pick??? Also does anyone know how to change the "thank you" message to the back page???? thanks!!!