something about sleeping

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alex2012 Posts: 352
I'd go for orthopedic matress with memory foam top or just memory foam. Plus memory foam pillow and you will never wake up in pain again:)
haoge0818 Posts: 1
[quote="kitson":3jbewdov]Hey,there's something wrong with my neck.Maybe my mattress is too hard.I want to buy a spring mattress,but don't know much about it.Can anyone tell me what kind to choose or more details?Thanks! O-O[/quote:3jbewdov] Hey there,Kiton.There are many ways to gather intelligence on your next bed mattress purchase. You could choose to go to the local mattress shop, and have a small chat with the owner regarding the bed mattress available at present on the market. You may ask the opinions of your close friends and/or relatives and make note of what they prefer and what they warn you about. You may go for an intensive window shopping session where you literally do research on bed mattresses so you can gather all the possible information there is.