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Ms. G Michael Posts: 280
Hi girls listen i got too many requests for the information about the key ring guy and i thought he didn't have a web site but he actually does so here it
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
Thanks Mrs G!!!! :thnk
Thumper2010 Posts: 579
I love that idea - I wasn't going to go with favors, but I think I might go with this. What do other people think of it? Would you like it? Personally I prefer it to chocolates or a candle, but that's me.
Srian Posts: 179
Hi I think that is a great idea. it's beautiful. i'd love it. Your guests will be all dresses up and looking fab and would love a momento of the day. Noone minds getting their picture taken when they are all dressed up. I love it. A bit pricey cost i'd be west cork but if you anywhere near dublin i think it's great.
gillette Posts: 1803
I think if he gets pictures of your guests, then that's a lovely idea. If it were just to be a picture of the bride and groom, then I wouldn't bother (my parents got a key ring from a wedding they were at recently with the bride and grooms names engraved on it and the date of their wedding - I really dont think anyone bar the bride/groom and possibly their parents will ever use it)
Thumper2010 Posts: 579
I agree. I'd definitely going to be a pic of the couple / person in questions. I wouldn't expect anyone to use a keyring of myself and my better half other than us! I called Noel, he said the pricing is such that that couples get one keyring between them and persons attending on their own get their own keyring. (I hope that doesn't get a response similar to the cupcake debate!!!) :o0 Noel said the back of the keyring has the names of the bride and groom and the date of their wedding then. I'm wondering would the keyrings be better without this? If it was me I'd like the pic, but perhaps not 2 other peoples names on the back of it! If you don't like that idea, what would you put on the back? Perhaps a pic of the castle we're getting married in with the date underneath? Any other thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.
gillette Posts: 1803
I think the one keyring per couple is realistic really - i know its the sort of thing i'd use but DH never would. Yeah, might be a bit strange to have a picture of two guests but then your name under it, I think the castle (venue) idea is a nice one - i'm guessing that it wouldn't be possible to fit a group shot on a keyring! :o0
jjspine Posts: 10
PM Sent :o)ll