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NemoFish Posts: 2501
Hi girls! I have a huge family on my mothers side, and they are getting engaged/ married around this time! (as in in between my engagement and wedding - 4 weddings have taken place, another 2 have date set and another 2 are engaged. 1 more is expected to be engaged quite soon! and yes, they are all related to me, and each other!) One of them even has same venue as me! So I need any ideas that anyone has, that preferably don't cost too much, to make my wedding stand out. And I don't just mean entertainment - any part of the day that can be made different!
Belleboo Posts: 924
You could consider dressing the venue and having loads of little details incl: favours, candles on tables...? Are you getting married first?
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Check out this site Have some brill things for hire!
hick Posts: 858
was at a wedding about 2 years ago where the bride and groom came in with about 10 drummers, as they sat down, the drummers played on for about 10mins, it was fab, everyone was talking about it for the whole night, I think they were affilated with macnas. Would love to get them but a fair crowd who were at that will be at ours
NemoFish Posts: 2501
Thanks for the replies. Belleboo- nope, theyare all getting married before me! That candyflos site looks good! I love the idea of a sno-cone machine!!! It could be alot of fun! How would I find the drummers hick?
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
seasheely - there's a Caribbean Steel band with limbo dancers and calypso dancers based in Dublin - it would certainly be different!! If you want their details I can dig them out Siobhán
NemoFish Posts: 2501
That would be fantastic if you could siobhain! PM me if you get details!
Butlers Posts: 115
Hi I see you wont be married for a while yet, we'll be launching something very different this summer, never ever before seen or used at weddings, its an indoor carriage that does something!, I'll email you the details, but it definitely will be different. Already built but been re-built during the summer. Also I have amazing backdrops, up lights, pillars etc......... Send me an email and I promise I'd have something different! Regards Maurice 087 7799701
SiobhanOliverSoprano Posts: 3150
hi again seashelly. I can't find their direct number I'm afraid. Looks like they have to be booked through an agency but I'll PM you anyway - they have The steel band, a salsa band, a Mexican group and loads of other "different" ensembles. Siobhan
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
Hey check out they have some really cool and unusual favours and personalised items. We got some for ours and people had never seem them before.