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Mommy2Two Posts: 704
Before I start, I want to say I am totally thrilled to be pregnant - but I have to say the restrictions are getting me down. I don't feel like myself, I miss having tons of energy, I would love some stinky cheese & it is inhuman not to have a 99 in this weather! But yesterday kinda topped it for me - I went for a bra fitting and realised two things - 1) my cup size has not changed at all but my back is as wide as a truck & 2) I cannot wear underwired or padded bras & they only have high support ones in white with HUGE full cups & ugly patterns. This almost drove me over the edge - I can't believe I have to wear ugly underwear for the next year! Plus, call me stupid but I hadn't realised my ribs would already be expanding. OK, I know none of this is the end of the world but I ended up shedding a few tears when I got home about it. Of course my husband just thinks I'm nuts. Thought I'd share with you ladies who tend to me more sympathetic . . .
Smurfette Posts: 522
Just wanted to reply to say that I TOTALLY feel your pain. I am the exact same. I LOVE babies and kids, but pregnancy just does not seem to agree with me at all. I have had the horrible morning sickness, nosebleeds, dizziness, pulled muscles, ligament pain, backache, heartburn all day every day etc etc. I am out of breath just walking down the stairs and I really miss being able to do stuff for myself. And I miss having loads of energy :o( On the bra thing, I was the same. My cup size never changed at all in my last pregnancy, but my back size went huge. After I had DS though, my back size went back to normal and I actually went down a cup size. On this pregnancy, cup size has not changed, but again, my back is very wide. Don't stress, it will all go away after you have the baby. And if its any consolation.....its TOTALLY worth it :o)ll
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
Thanks Smurfette, glad to hear my back will go back to normal! lol We haven't told anyone yet except our parents, as we have our first consultant appointment this Wednesday. It'll be much easier when I can chat to my friends about it. I've been avoiding them the last few weeks as I didn't want them to guess, so I kinda feel like I'm in a secret society or something! Heading out with them at the weekend to tell them my news, so I'm sure my perspective will be better after that. Thanks for replying, it's good to know I'm not alone!
Butterfly Snowbaby Posts: 53
numom i hear you on the bra thing - got fitted last week and went down a cup size and up 3! sizes on the back - made me feel like a troll. have been feeling like crap for the last 7 weeks sick and tired and miserable but yesterday and today its as if i've woken up after a flu. My all day sickness has totally reduced - just one or two episodes of feeling a bit queasy today and wasnt falling asleep by 3pm as usual - its a great feeling and is probably just around the corner for you so hang in there! any minute now you'll be feeling :o)ll or at least awake... :hyper:
Mommy2Two Posts: 704
Thanks Butterfly. I just modelled my new ugly bra for my husband & he had a hard time supressing the giggles - I just don't get why it has to be horrendous?! Luckily I'm not sick at all, just feeling sorry for myself. Have diagnosed boredom so am gonna give myself a kick & make an effort to be more sociable. Should be easier after this week when I tell my friends. Now, what have I got to wear that goes well with granny bras . . .