Something similar to Vera Wang Gemma dress? :)

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Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
Hi missies i am totally in love with Vera wang's gemma dress. it is my dream wedding dress but is obviously very pricey and not sure i can justify or afford it without wracking up unnecessary debt!! :( if it was up to me i would probably put it on the credit card lol but dont think the H2B would be too impressed or anyone else for that matter. they would think im insane. anyway hoping some of you can help. i am in search of something similar to it - mermaid, organza, tulle, ruffles (but not too many), structured bodice. Any suggestions would be really appreciated :thnk Dee
fredd Posts: 259
what about Mikaella 1663?
Leogirl1983 Posts: 200
thanks ns83 :) Love the look of that - i have been in a few shops that stock mikaella but they didnt have that one :( ill have to ring around a few more to see if they stock a sample in it. have you seen it anywhere yourself? Dee
fredd Posts: 259
Or what about 1612? The have that in Adare in Aibheil.
MrsAmy Posts: 983
Would you consider having a replica made?
MsMac1980 Posts: 15
Hi Girls I tried in the Mikaella 1663 in White Orchid in Swords. Its a fab dress. The lady there is really nice and helpful too. I also loved the VW Gemma dress and this one is a very similar silhouette..She actually has a good few dresses in that shape.. Good luck with your search