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donkey1 Posts: 50
Hi Just wondering did anyone put together a song list together for the band- like generic songs that both young and old will dance to.... Also, did u give the dj a list as well like abba? Would love some feedback and song lists Thanks x
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Our band is supplying the DJ, which is handy. Our band have a really comprehensive playlist on their website, so when I meet with them it'll more of a 'please don't play Galway girl, Wild Rover etch, but anything and everything else is perfect'.... If we come up with specific songs that we love closer to the time, we'll mention it, but I chose them as they play pretty much what I want, so no need to be specific with them!
sok2013 Posts: 55
Most bands will offer you 3 requests top. We didn't send a big long list to our band be honest, they have their set, they know what works and we respected that. We got our first dance, a specific waltz for my parents and an Imelda May track we absolutely loved, that was it... There are 1000000000s of songs, your band will realistically play about 40!
PerfectDayBand Posts: 462
Hi ladies You absolutely don't have to provide the band with any lists. That's one of the services you are paying for - a group of musicians who can read a dance floor and know instinctively what will work to get everyone up dancing. It's all down to experience. Most wedding bands revise their playlists regularly as some songs that would have 'worked' a few years ago no longer do. No band wants to see an empty dance floor so they work hard to make the playlist suit the individual wedding they are playing at. They also know how to time and pace the night and where to place songs. I always have a call with my couples two months or so before the wedding and am happy to take requests if they would like something not on our set (a couple), and also if they really hate something we may leave it out. However, I have been known to argue my case that although they may hate a particular song, I can guarantee them there won't be one person sitting down on the night if it's's one that 'works'!!! :) A wedding has a very unique dynamic and there are songs we all would think we would hate to hear at a wedding, but when you're with friends and family, entertainment is everything. Chart songs are great, but not all can be danced to.....Just chat to your band - presumably when you booked them, you liked their set. Have a great wedding ladies xxx Catherine :wv
Irish Wedding DJ Posts: 1436
Since 2006 I have been lucky to have personally overseen well over 750 weddings and tried and tested, for me the better ones are the ones that choose our online music database As a couple, we djs meet you just once or twice before the day and even though we can gauge quite quickly the crowd, you'll know the guest better than we will so your input is very important and it also guides us on what would make the night good for you guys in your own music choices. As djs, we will guide you through the music part... so don't worry if you pick music that doesn't work because we will look at the selections practically and spot anything that might not keep the level of momentum that you need to keep the dance floor full.. Good luck with your selections.... :) Ruairi Finnegan