songs in mass booklets?

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bride1975 Posts: 214
are you meant to put the names of the songs that will be sung in the mass booklet? I haven't decided on the songs yet but have finished the booklet and would like to get it printed soon
Mrs.July0408 Posts: 1842
[color=purple:1wgtm6vi]Don't think you have to, but we did. We put little music notes beside each song - it was lovely (IMO!) :wv [/color:1wgtm6vi]
pug08 Posts: 205
We just put muscial note beside where the song would be sung, didn't put the name of the song
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
i put in the name of our songs in a lovely swirly font with the music note just added to the overall look of them imho.
bride1975 Posts: 214
ok, i'm a bit crap at computers.... where did you find the musical note on it? thanks a mill by the way!
mentalrebel Posts: 1603
i got mine printed by love letters who did our stationary :-8
CLAIRE180708 Posts: 119
i didnt bother putting the songs into the mass booklet as i had only picked a few and left the singer to pick the rest. For a musical note you could try clip art
ellee Posts: 666
We didn't put in the names of songs. We did say if some part of the mass was to be sung and I indicated at the start of the booklet the names of the musicians but that was it! Didn't even occur to me to do anything else! Anyway, some of the names weren't v religious sounding, "Paddy rambles through the park" and the like!