songs to get you through start of labour

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superwoman Posts: 135
I`m not looking for a trophy and fully expect to want every drug available but for the start i was thinking of making a cd to motivate myself. looking for inspiration : loved up, how lucky am i songs and come on girl! songs. you get the jist.No pan pipes or spa music any suggestions for my pregnancy brain [/quote]
hipbaby Posts: 4530
I did this and my lovely dh decided that was one job he could do so I left him to it... the day before my induction i came accross it in my labour bag and put it on to get me in the frame of mind, not one bloody song did I know O:| the git had put on all his new stuff thinking it would be great to listen to new songs and take my mind off the labour.............hmmm that was going to happen!! MEN!