Songs to walk down the aisle- Civil Ceremony

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shobie Posts: 1437
Just wondering what songs people are using to enter the ceremony with, whether you have an aisle or not.... My list so far, have spent hours on Youtube looking for ideas, would love you to add yours. 1. Tom Waits- I want you 2. Joshua Radin- Today 3. Lucky Jim- Lovely to me 4. Jason Wade- You belong to me Thay are all big contenders for me, especially the Tom Waits one as its very sweet, simple and short enough. Dont like when the song goes on for aes after the bride has walked in and evereyone is kinda looking around waiting for the music to stop and the ceremony to begin...could be just me tho :o0 So suggestions please....Siobhan Im sure you have a few!
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Hi Shobie! We're having a civil ceremony too, but the music is very traditional. I'll be walking up the aisle to Handel's 'Arrival of the Queen of Sheba'. Are you having live music or playing a CD? If live, our registrar told us that the musicians are experienced enough to know how long to play for and can just fade out/finish up at the appropriate time. If it's a CD, could you edit it on the computer so it's a bit shorter if necessary? Audacity is an example of sound editing software that's free to download.
cork10 Posts: 38
We are having a civil wedding also and are having Songbird by Eva Cassidy as our entrance song.
papillon Posts: 1305
I don't know the other three but tom waits in my book is always good, Little trip to heaven is always worth a thought too :xox