Sony Ericsson W800i

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*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
Hi Just wondering if anyone has this phone? Is it worth getting? I'm looking for a phone with an mp3 player on it so when I go out walking I dont need to carry a mobile and a mp3 player. Any recommendations? [img:2aj2lqkf][/img:2aj2lqkf] Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman phone
Mama Dora Posts: 14987
Sorry i dont know about the phone your asking about but can i ask is an MP3 player the same as an ipod :oops: thanks
*MrsShamrock* Posts: 383
Sounds like you know as much as I do MRS05!! :lol: As far as I know, an MP3 player is the same as an IPod. You can download songs from your PC and it's like a walkman only much smaller and with the phone that I was talking about, you have your phone and an MP3 player all in one - so less to carry around with you.
Trish07 Posts: 506
Hi mrsshamrock, I dont own one of these phones but did look at one in a sony shop recently. The menus on them are very much like the ipod and seemed easy enough to use. The only concern Id have is that I dont think its as easy to copy your own music onto sony mp3 players as they have copyright software of some sort on them, and Id think that the battery would need to be very good. Personally Id rather buy a separate mp3 player, argos have a great sale on at the minute on mp3 players.
suzybelle Posts: 27
HEy I wanted to get this phone but it was turning out to be too expensive & also my network didn't supply it at the time. I got the K750i which is basically the same phone but with a different casing, you can get this phone upgraded to the walkman software for about €30 & it works out alot cheaper. I have it now for about 3weeks & i'm happy with it
MTMR Posts: 788
My husband is dying to get that phone, it's suposed to be one of the best.