Sooo tired and drained....My work is suffering

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ANNONY Posts: 50
Hi wollies & expectant Mothers :w I am almost 10 weeks pregnant & over the moon :o)ll But I am suffering from exhaustion, I am tired from the minute I get up & long for my bed all day. My work is suffering as I'm finding it hard to concentrate, i'm easily distracted etc, My boss is back on Monday from 3.5 weeks holidays but i don't have near the amount done that I should and I really am trying to get thru' it. I work in a male dominated industry so I won't be expecting any sympathy in fact its unsaid but well known that they frown upon maternity leave. Can ye tell me what I could be doing to help myself get out of this tiredness !! I have only taken one sick day. Really don't like doing that ... Thanks Wollies :wv
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
You poor thing! I know exactly what you're feeling like. I had that pure and utter exhaustion from about 10 weeks too. I had to get signed off work for 2 weeks because I literally couldn't concentrate, was making stupid mistakes and just knew I had to get out of the place before I fell asleep at my desk! Would you not consider taking some time off??? Even some holidays if you really don't want to go out sick. A few days on the couch in front of the TV will do you the world of good.... Take care of yourself and always remember you and baby come first for the next 8 months. It took me a while to realise that, the sooner you do the better :xxx
ANNONY Posts: 50
Thanks babycake, I know I need to think of baby now! But getting married in October & keeping all my leave for honeymoon. Maybe I should take a couple of days sick. have'nt told work my news yet, so any good reasons to be sick?? :o0 Thanks
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
What about a tummybug?? Or you could get yourself to your GP and s/he will sign you off with a note for a few extra days. You or the Doctor are not oblieged to tell your Employer why you are sick so you could tell the Doc you don't want anything pregnancy related on your cert. (I got a cert at the beginning of my pregnancy with no reason on it) The Doc will sign you off no problem, any pregnancy related problem they won't take a chance on not signing you off. So exciting about the wedding! Congratulations! I hope you had everything organised before you got your BFP!!! :wv
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
I've just come from the doctor and asked him if I should be taking anything because I'm so so tired all the time. He said unfortunately its a bad summer to be pregnant because the weather is taking its toll on all of us. Hopefully it'll lift soon and we can all get back to normal
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
I was exactly the same, i thought id die with tiredness, rest as much as you can, when you get home in the evenings, get your partner to make dinner etc, it will pass for awhile dont worry. I was tired from the min i got preg, as it was one of my symptoms i got first before i knew, my doc wouldn't give me iron said i didn't need it, i was in bed every evening after work and still got up tired i just felt like crap, now i am fine but someone did mention that the last 3 months can be like the 1st 3, i am now 24 weeks so it might come back, i still get tired if i have late night. As for work i cannot concentrate at all, i keep forgetting things and its really affecting my work. Its just the hormones, i am going to take a week off in Sep, let the brain rest, if im still bad near the end, i might get signed off work a bit earlier. I really hope you feel better soon. :wv
nea dude Posts: 749
I was tired all of the time up until about a week ago!! The doc tripled my iron dose and I noticed a change within a few days. Don't fight your tiredness, if you can't take a few days off work then sleep early and rest. As for the male work force, i've found the men at work much more sympatric than the women! Most of them pass by my desk in the mornings and ask how i'm feeling. you may get a pleasant surprise when you announce you're pregnant.
only deadly Posts: 491
I am the same I went doctors and begged him for some iron I was that tired I take spatone now and see a good bit of difference in me but not much I say when I get the proper iron i feel it. The doctor was also all for me taking time of work but I said no due to the fact that i WAS OFF WITH MS already ...( wish i said yes now ) anyway i would def advise a bit of time of just for you rest up as u dont want to be stressing over work Hope u feel better soon pet O:o)
sherbetlemon Posts: 927
I hear ya annony... I'm sitting here and can barely type. Soooo tired and I'm making stupid mistakes aswell. Think I'll be topping up on the iron myself after a quick trip to the doc. :wv