soooo mad, think my new dress has already been worn.....

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maidmarian Posts: 280
Hi girls, sorry if this turns out really long but im just so mad i could end up rambling. My friend is getting married 28th this month & i was finding it really difficult to find something nice to wear to it. However last saturday i went into a local shop & found the most fabulous dresss. The minute i out it on i felt a million dollars. The owner of the shop siad it was fab too, said she had got one for herself which she had worn to a wedding a few weeks ago & that everyone was admiring it all day. So i paid ger the 250 euro & went home very happy. Then last night i laid the dress out on the bed to admire it trying to suss what colour shoes would go best when i noticed that there are black dirty marks all along the bottom of the inside. The dress is quite long at the back & when i examined it properly i'm now nearly 100% that this dress has been worn & dry cleaned. I think the owner wore the dress to the wedding & then put it back up for sale! >:o( I'm a mixture of fuming & upset cos i really love this dress & it was the only one in my size but don't wamt to have paid 250 euros (which to everyone planning a wedding is a lot of money) for a second hand dress. I'm going to bring it back to the shop this evening but has anyone got advice on how to approach this, i'm really not good with confrontation :o(
mollyeile Posts: 2486
The wagon - not sure where you stand legally but I'ld be raging.
minkey Posts: 22
Oh god, that is so annoying, i would be really upset too, especially as you love it. well it sounds like you really want it so I would go back and show it to the lady in the shop, tell her you feel it's maybe been worn before or if not, is not as clean as it should be! I'm useless at confrontation too, could you get a friend or someone to go with you? that way you could bothe back each other up, be nice enough about it but make your point and see if she can give you any money back as its the only one in your size. Goodluck!!
michers_eire Posts: 77
Firstly I have to say you poor thing! That's not fair. That's awful! I'd definitely go back in and say it straight out that you feel that the dress is not up to the standard you feel it should be. However, getting her to admit that she wore the dress to the wedding will be extremely difficult. She, unfortunately will have the upper hand because firstly, you left the shop happy with the purchase and secondly, you have an emotional attachment to the dress. She knows that you love this dress and that you're under pressure for the 28th. If I were you I'd return the dress and demand a refund because she's playing you for a fool. You'll never feel the same about it if you feel that she's taken you for a ride. You will get something equally as fabulous because you don't deserve to be treated like this. Best of Luck
Wiggles Posts: 629
Firstly .... Do you still want to keep the dress ... regardless of the outcome ?? If she offers you a refund ... dont walk out of the shop without the dress and be raging you have nothing to wear. I do not think she will reduce the price - so be prepared for that also. The shop owner may just say the scuffs at the bottom of the dress are just from people trying it on in the shop. If she really is stubborn and refuses point blank ... then just let her have it "tell her .. she is selling second hand clothes at full price and misleading the consumer, tell her she should be ashamed of herself and tell her people like her wont have any luck in there life doing things to innocent people like you. And tell her you are ringing consumer affairs about her store. Not much else you can do ... but dont raise your voice .. stay calm and just keep telling yourself ... that your in the right. Good Luck !!
Loreve Posts: 501
Also she could assume you've already worn the dress since (it's been a few days) and say you were the one who dirtied it..... Just be warned. I've met real 'characters' (for want of a nastier word) in the past, who will blame you for everything. Once I brought something back with tags and all on it and she claimed I could have worn it with the tags tucked in (you should have seen the size of them!!) and that's why the hem was ripped. IT wasn't of course, I just hadn't noticed the rip in the shop (it was at the back) but it was a nightmare. Eventually got my money back but was hardly worth the hassle. So take no crap from her! Good luck.
mrs aug 07 Posts: 817
What make is the dress maybe you could get it somewhere else, so you could go back and get a refund off her and not give a damn about keeping the dress?
pricilla Posts: 1564
First rule of bringing something back: [b:2izl1xu4]Do not approach anyone on your own.[/b:2izl1xu4] Always bring someone with you, even if its someone who wont open their mouth, just have someone there. This is the most important thing of all. Secondly, if you want to keep the dress, then tell her you want some money back because she did not inform you that the dress was second hand. €250 was for a new dress, this clearly is not a new dress. Ask for €125 back and see how you get on. Do not get into a discussion, "it was worn, it wasn't worn" just keep repeating "It's [u:2izl1xu4]second hand[/u:2izl1xu4]" If there is no joy, say one or all three of the following: [b:2izl1xu4]1. Can I have this in writing. 2. I'm ringing Gerry Ryan 3. I'm sitting outside the door of the shop in a deckchair with a sign telling people about this unless you make amends.[/b:2izl1xu4] Good Luck.
gerbil Posts: 3528
okay i work in retail and people get told "i'm ringing liveline" or gerry ryan every day, over really trivial things - honestly it doesn't work :o)ll it's taken as an idle threat However most shops are well aware of consumer rights and law. The dress is dirty and has marks on it, therefore it is faulty. if it were me i would bring it back and[b:2b4270xq] ask [/b:2b4270xq]why has it these marks, and has anyone been wearing it? don't blurt out an accusation or you'll just back the shopowner into a corner and have a confrontation. If you ask questions and phrase things carefully you'll get a lot further usually. I would check out your rights (google consumer law in ireland) and go armed with information. For example shops can put up all the "sale goods are nonrefundable" signs they like but statutory law over rules all of them. be firm, be pleasant, and if they demur in anyway or don't give you satisfaction, tell them you are reporting them to consumer rights and you will be in touch via solicitor and the small claims court. If it's a shop that relies on local goodwill, remark that you had previously recommended them to many people and will be sorry now to have to inform them how mistaken you were. But if at all possible settle it amicably you'll always get more out of them that way!
maidmarian Posts: 280
girls thanks a mil for all your replys. I'm actually going to go home at lunch & bring the dress back to the shop. I've rang the consumer affairs & they've said that i am entitled to a full refund or replacement. I think i'll have to go for the refund cos with the wedding in 2 weeks i doubt she'll be able to get another dress in. I'll be gutted cos i love the dress but i know i'll be really concious knowing that someone else has probably worn it. let's just hope when she sees how bad it is she refund without any fuss!