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Lush Posts: 506
Hi all haven't been on in ages. My little boy is 5 months old today ( where has the time gone! ) his father gave him a soother when he was 6 weeks old and I was not happy but it seemed to help with reflux and the paediatrician we went to see bout his hip ( due to section birth ) said its been proven to help with SIDS so as unhappy as I was I thought right if it helps with that ... Now I have tried self soothing and it ain't working so I'm guessing its due to soother so do babies who have soothers not self soothe? Also how early can I take it away? And how do I do this. He is wakening 3/4 times a night for it, he sleeps 10 hours and just wish he and I could benefit from a FULL nights sleep! And help/advice would be gratefully appreciated!
Winter B2B Posts: 3494
Im no use to you really. DS had a soother until he was 10 months but even with soother he was self soothing at 3 months. DD is currently 6 months and she has no signs of self soothing. Ive tried and about half the time she'll put herself to sleep. Other times she'll just lie there talking to herself until she gets overtired and is then impossible to settle. Im just going to presevere and hope it happens eventually. In our case its nothing to do with soother as she doesn't wake when the soother falls out of her mouth. Does you ds wake when soother falls out?
CocoBeans Posts: 841
I had this problem with DD. I was putting her into the cot and holding her soother in until she fell asleep (normally very quickly). This was great until she started teething and would wake 4/5 times a night, wanting me to hold her soother in till she drifted off (about 20 mins). Now I put her to bed and if her soother falls out, I wait a few mins. Go in, put it back in, wait one minite till she settles. And leave. I repeat this until she falls asleep (at the start it was about 5/6 times) now she normally heads straight off. I never hold the soother in anymore and if she wakes in the night (rarely), I repeat the same process. Essentially she has the soother but actuak falls asleep after it's dropped out again Someone recommended this to me.... DD doesn't really use it but others have sworn by it. I wonder is 5 months too early for it?? Good luck - it's also this website's sleep training I used.
Lush Posts: 506
No thank god I don't have to hold soother in. It falls out shortly after he goes to sleep lets say at 9pm but he wakes for it then at 1am, 5 am and sometimes more often.