Sophia Tolli Style Y1922JKT Bolero

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bamboo Posts: 278
Just wondering does anyone have this bolero that they would like to sell? I love the style of it but you can only purchase it with the Sophia Tolli dress Y1922 Coralie. Otherwise does anyone have anything similar??
conk50 Posts: 5
Hi Just wondering if you are still looking for this item as I will get mine delivered in 3months as I am ordering the Coralie Dress? If so let me know! x :-8
agordon Posts: 2
hi i got married last month and i didnt wear this for the wedding so i have one to sell which is brand new and still has the label on it. Let me know if you still need it. thanks Adele
banks2b Posts: 4
Hi I'm looking for this bolero but have left it too late to order. What colour and size is yours? I'd love to buy it off any of you worn or not Thanks
conk50 Posts: 5
Hi I'm not going to get mine until April- it will be size 10 if you're interested. Thanks! Good luck Ann :xxx :)
banks2b Posts: 4
Ah thanks, get married on 24th of April. Any chance it's arriving at the beginning of April?
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conk50 Posts: 5
Hi I'll check tomorrow as I'm going to the bridal store tomorrow. I forgot to mention, I will be getting my dress in Pearl Oyster but as I was not that interested in the Bolero, I didn't ask what colour it would come in! Can update you again tomorrow Ann x :)
conk50 Posts: 5
Hi Just to let you know, my bolero will arrive mid March if that's any good? Thanks Ann
banks2b Posts: 4
Ooh that could be great for me. Im going to ring Sophia Tolli and ask them if the colour will look good with my dress which is diamond white. They recommended the ivory one but i'll ask them anyway. Thanks and I'll be in touch. Lisa
conk50 Posts: 5
No probs! Good luck! x