sore breast,, not preg, mid cycle, no lumps etc what is it?

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newyear09wife Posts: 899
does any one know what this might be.. I have avery sore to touch left breast... no mark or bruise on it but feels like it is bruised and Im not preg definitely( ony 12 days since last period finished and have mirena coil) obviously im mid cycle but dont normally get sore during period anyway and there are no lumps or changes to my breast apart from the soreness... any idea what it might be .? its 3 yrs since I last breast fed so its not milk duct.. btw,
TooShyShy Posts: 1180
Mine get sore around ovulation but I don't know how the coil affects that, sorry not much help!
newmammy2011 Posts: 1255
Not really sure what it maybe but if it is something new Id get it checked out just to be on the safe side.
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Ok, just cos you said it is your left breast I'd get it checked out. I'd imagine that if it was connected to your cycle - both would be sore. I get this sometimes. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but put you mind and rest and get it checked out.
Allure Posts: 220
It wouldn't be your bra would it. that happen me before. the under wire got loose and was digging in to me.