Sore swollen breast 26 weeks

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magicmoments Posts: 75
Hi Ladies, Hoping someone may have some ideas. Last few days my right breast has become quite swollen along inside/ underneath near left breast. it's visibly bigger than the left n can be sore at times. I do know I stopped wearing underwired bras and am wearing tshirt bra. Only thing I'm thinking is could it possibly be heat - they do get quite hot but I do shower every morning n even use some talcum powder. My right breast was always a bit bigger but this is easily visible now. Could this be a normal pregnancy thing, going to go get fitted again for more bras just in case but any ideas of why this might be?
dancerformoney Posts: 2733
im not sure but it could be a blocked duct? im not sure if its usual for one to be more swollen than another. is it sore and hot? could be sign of infection in a milk duct. but im just thinkin its quite early for that.