Sore Throat

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percy Posts: 307
I have just woken up with really sore throat. Am 6 weeks gone at this stage. What can I take?
princess! Posts: 348
not much try natural things like some honey and lemon or if the pain is really bad paracetamol before you take and medication id check with the chemist (a good one not just a young one behind the counter) or your gp. hope you feel better soon there is nothing worse when your sick and cant take anything for it
peanut mama Posts: 73
Hi, I am 24 weeks gone and have a bad cold. My consultant and the pharmicist said paracetamol only and definitely not before 12 weeks. I checked with the VHI 24 hour line too. No paracetamol or any medication before 12 weeks. Too much development going on. I went to the doc and he gave me a cert for a week. It's old fashioned bed rest in case it turns into a secondary infection and then you are faced with the problem of antibiotics which you don't want. Stay in bed, keep warm. The sore throat will pass within 2/3 days but if not go and see the doc.