Sore Throat - What Can I Take

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babywish10 Posts: 110
Hey Ladies, I figured someone here will know of a natural solution to a sore throat. It's only sore at night though which is a bit odd. I thought maybe the room might have been too warm but that's not the case. I'm staying hydrated, not really sure what else I can do. Himself said to take Strepsils but I'm wary of taking anything at all. Not a fan of lemsip as the smell always turned my stomach and it's even worse now!! Any and all information would be greatly appreciated :-) I'm exhausted as it is and now with this keeping me awake I'm really struggling to get from one end of the day to the other
mamime Posts: 791
A few things that might help.. a spoonful of honey before bed, also gargling salt water. You could also try burning some peppermint oils in the room. A big thing for a sore throat only popping up at night is proper airing of the room. Every morning throw the duvet back (best would be hanging it out the window for at least 15mins) and throw back the windows for 15-20mins to air the place properly. Give the place a thorough hoover and then air the room in the same way just before bed. You will probably freeze yourselves for the few minutes ;) But its worth it to replace the stale air, its really refreshing.
Nextinline Posts: 121
I hate lemslip too. I'd take Glycerine lemon & honey. Somebody told me once they take calpol while pregnant.
babywish10 Posts: 110
Thanks a mill ladies, I'll give all that a go, hopefully I'll get a decent sleep tonight
bluepolkadots Posts: 1237
There's always paracetamol to help if home remedies don't work.
eggbells Posts: 11
There is a lemsip with a more menthol flavour, I find them much easier to take. There's also a kiddies cough bottle called pharmony that's safe to take also. If you don't want strepsils there's lemon flavoured hard sucky sweets that are fine to take. Hope this helps, and that you feel better soon x
babywish10 Posts: 110
Well the sore throat finally went last Wednesday after the weekend from hell! Thanks for all the advice ladies I really appreciated the help :)