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jmeath Posts: 5740
Girls, ive woken up with an unmerciful sore troath today...just what i need being pregnant so close to the wedding (not able to take the usual stuff).....any tips what i can do/take? Is it still ok to have losengers liek Vicks and Soothers?
coconut Posts: 2183
i had this 2 wks ago, i would try gaugling salt and water and yeah soothers are grand!!!
imightbe Posts: 103
I had this last week and was told in chemist not to have soothers so maybe just check in chemist when buying them, just to be on the safe side!
coconut Posts: 2183
I think it depends on how far gone u are but make sure u check it out!!
hopingforsoon Posts: 1152
I found Halls brilliant for any coughs or colds, so maybe it might help soothe your throat as well. I think the regular Strepsils are ok (the honey and lemon ones), but just check that with your chemist. Dose yourself with plenty of orange juice to build up your vitamin C and plenty of fresh fruit and yoghurts (actimels are great for your immune system as well) Lots of fluids to flush out the bugs and as much rest as you can ... hopefully it'll be gone in no time.
tilsun Posts: 4506
I love honey in hot water!
yorkie Posts: 375
Jmeath, I got that dose last Thursday too! It was like swallowing razor-blades! Anyway, the chemist said she couldn't give me anything. She said all I could do was take paracetamol. I didn't ask her if it was ok to take Soothers or Halls though. One of the girls I work with told me that Berocca is meant to be great to take to boost your Vitamin C when you're pregnant. Worth a shot anyway.