sorry another girl name poll (its my 1st! lol)

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missybride Posts: 304
hi ladies with not long to go now n our boys name picked my mind has started to wander onto the possibility we may have a girl! im so convinced it boy although for no reason! so having read n read the baby names books we have come up with 3 names which i would love ur opinion on. surname starts with H and is 2 syllables (sp) if that helps. thanks girls x
Ceana Posts: 1387
Hi Missybride - I picked Sophie, love it. Best of luck with the decision, its not easy.
Sweetmum Posts: 2146
love the name sophie :lvs
Littlepud Posts: 945
i chose kelsie, think its a fab name and not too common
funkyfish Posts: 7626
sophie wins by a mile dont like the otgers at all
Radiolady Posts: 1
sorry don't like any of them.....
justwed09 Posts: 2349
sophie for me! our surname also starts with a H but has 3 syllables and I think Sophie goes really nice with it.
Elegance Posts: 2848
i really like them all, but picked madison..... think its really unusual and Maddy is lovely as a pet name. you can be a trend setter missybride!!! pick the name that you and dh love'll never please everyone...
maymommie Posts: 109
I picked sophie as I have been thinking on the name sophia ourselves.It's just so hard, just wondering what name have you picked for a boy.
bubblybaby Posts: 98
I voted Sophie. Sophia is also one of my favourites! :heartbeat: Madison reminds me of a drink that i used to get on a special occasion when i was in the pub when i was little?? I think that was the name of it :-8 Good luck choosing! x