Sorry but have to ask..upper lip hair, any magic solutions

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jumpinjack Posts: 277
Hey girls having hit the big '30' my body decided to add a good auld bit of downy hair to my upper lip (left side more than right due to unwitting plucking when it first started). Wish I did nothing at all as the other side of my lip isn't too bad at all! What an idiot for interfering! ugghh. When the sun shines I feel I look like a 14 year old boy!! My 'friends' and H2 B say that it's fine but I KNOW WHAT I SEE!!!Think they're just being kind!! Help! any magic solutions that don't result in open sores?? My buddy used 'threading' ..what y'all think? Thanks girlies O:o)
Glamour By Dawn Posts: 158
Hi Jumpinjack, Definately Threading will sort this for you. Where are you based, if you are anywhere near Dublin you should go to Neelus salon in Dun Laoighre or to her in Arnotts. Dawn x
hils138 Posts: 680
Have you thought about bleaching it? That is what I do has there isn't excessive hair there just some dark ones. I am afraid to use a method to remove it, has it might grow back darker and stronger. I get my eyebrows threaded and it is great. You might also consider laser treatment.
jumpinjack Posts: 277
Hey girls thanks for the advice. Got a pm frm a chick about the' epicure' device they were talking about on another thread. Have just bought it ( am SUCH an impulse buyer!). Has rave reviews and will cost about 20 euro incl p and p! No redness or 'sores' apparently! wish me luck and thanks for advice!
lislud Posts: 54
have you thought about laser hair'll be gone for good within a few months. you'll prob have to have one treatment every 2 months but each time less grows back and it's lighter. upper lip isnt as effective as some other areas as you'll prob have to get 1 or 2 treatments a year (still cheaper than getting it waxed every few weeks though). try therapie if youre in dublin, they sometimes have 75-80% off offers
Mrs Rocket Posts: 1824
Laser treatment isnt great,Im dark and I went to get this done,was told I would need 5 treatments Im on number 15 at this stage,took way longer...sorry I started it,too expensive....i'll need another few treatments I even went to different places to try it
jumpinjack Posts: 277
Yeah going to hold off on the laser and try the less 'invasive' approach first. If things get worse and I get beyond the 'pubescent' stage I'll up the ante! Cheers girls you're great for the advice O:o)
romcomm Posts: 24
jumpinjack Posts: 277
Hey romcomm just pm'd you Haven't received it yet, maybe I never will!!! Best of luck
LJMom Posts: 1100
jumpinjack will ya pm me the details also I cant find anything about it? Also will ya let me know if its any good? Its very cheap if it is :) fingers crossed ;o)