Sorry girls, prob silly question

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Just wondering is is possible to still get af and be pregnant? DTD last month unprotected, af came but was much lighter than usual and gone by day 3. Have been feeling very tired, getting heart burn( never get this), felling sick and gone off some foods which is very unusaul for me. I'm probably imaging things but just wanted anyones opinion, Thanks :thnk
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
There is a chance that it was an implantation bleed. I had one but, it only lasted about half a day and was very very light. It also came before AF was due. If I were in your shoes I would do a test to put your mind at rest either way. I hope you get the result you want. FP
brideeee Posts: 1490
Yes it is possible, if I were you I would do a test and take it from there. I hope you get the result your heart desires, xx brideeee
newyearbabs Posts: 686
Hi I had bleed for 3days which I thought was my af it was very light and no pains or anything. I'd do a test just to put your mind at ease. Good luck
may2008 Posts: 455
yes it is possible. i know people who got their af through out their pregnancy. like the other posters i would do a test if i were you