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Shin Posts: 8515
:o0 :o0 :o0 had to share it cos half funny and im nearly after puking :o0 rang home and was talking to my sister bout the lotto thing etc and she was all "shin can't talk now, ring back in two mins" so rang her back and she had my 7 month old neice in her 'hop n' pop' (like an entertainment baby walker but doesn't move) so yesterday it was out the back for some of the day while it was nice weather and my sister said just now that she was loading the dish washer and turned around the end of the kitchen to check on my neice and noticed her eating something. she walked over and saw my neice with a snail in her mouth.....the body of the snail was sticking out and moving into her mouth and my sister screamed and was trying to prize it away from her and scrape the remains out of her mouth before she swallowed it....much to my neice's amusement, she was having a ball chewing on it!!!! she said the snail must have been stuck to the leg of the hop n pop after it being outside....jaysus i always give my neice a snoggie on the lips and mouth when i see her but eh....not this evenin' i won't be :o0 :o0
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
oh no :o0 my dad eats them but boils them first
dreamer Posts: 3941
uuugh - hate those things!!! Aren't kids great all the same!!Not such fussy eaters as parents make them out to be!! In my younger days I used to eat spiders. :o0 I couldn't actaully tell you if they were tasty or not, but they didn't do me any harm!
Paddy Whack Posts: 1399
VILE!!! Maybe she was French in a past life?
Shin Posts: 8515
haha maybe, trés francais je dois dis. i swear i'm nearly after puking when i heard, she's a monkey!!!! really cute have to say!!!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Tantrums & Tiaras Posts: 123
That's so funny, but I'm sure if you asked your own parents what you got up to when you were younger you'd find you might have eaten a snail or two as well. A friend of mine was always eating worms and muck when her mother left her in the garden :o0 :o0 :o0