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Gidz Posts: 290
Sorry guys, But After them reading out posts on Pat kenny the other day i had to delete, couldnt risk my sister seeing this or they'd be war.. War i tell ya.
chicam Posts: 1169
Hiya, I haven't had my baby yet so can't comment on whether you'd need another section (I've heard once your scar has healed ok then a vaginal birth shouldn't be a problem?) but all I wanted to say was HOW MEAN!!!!!! [u:2ldi5j5n]No one[/u:2ldi5j5n] has a right to comment on your birth whether it was c-section or natural or if the baby dropped out of the sky!!! Just because they might have had VBACs doesn't mean that your birth was any less daunting, hard work, fulfilling and long to recover from does it? It doesn't take away from you bonding with your baby and while it may mean you didn't experience the things they did I have to say if there's one thing I've learned from quizzing people in the last 9 months about giving birth its that EVERYONE has a different story - even 2 women who gave birth naturally can have totally different experiences! So just because yours was different to theirs doesn't mean they've a right to trample on your experience or say that you're not able to do it naturally (how do they know next time they've to give birth that they won't need a section??)!! Sorry thats my rant, and like I said I'm basing this on no experience (yet!) other than common decency and how appauled I am to hear that!! Fair play to you is what I say, I would be terrified if I had to have a section and the pain you go through to recover for the 6 weeks afterwards is more than everyone else has to go through - so stick it to them!! :o0
Gidz Posts: 290
Thanx chicam. I do feel alot better after that good old rant. :o0 I know its just ignorance and a lack of education with some people 2 make comments with that. I see your LO is ready 2 come in2 this world. I wish it was me again. Cant wait 2 try again, its the most amazing feeling in this world but i have a lovely dress 2 get in2 in 8 mnths so ill hold off till then. All the best! :lvs :lvs
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
OMG I can't believe she said this about you!! I've never had a baby so I can't comment but I'm sure you had the worst of both as you dilated to 10cm yourself (which I've heard is pretty sore!) then on top of that to have a c-section! Surly to recover from a c-section is harder than from a natural birth? My friend had a section and went on to have a natural birth fine. She did say if she had to choose she would want a natural birth every time as it was very painful for weeks after the section.
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
OMG!!!! :eek :eek :eek I can't believe anyone would dare saying that. I would have gone mental and just smacked my sis one if she would have said that to me. My sister had a c-section herself as my niece was in breech and at the moment it seems like I'm having a natural birth. However, I think it's not making you less of a woman that you had a c-section. You had to get it done otherwise you and your baby would have been at risk! I know a lot of women who were in the same or similar position like you and didn't had a choice. Besides the ignorance about what can go wrong during labour and the reasons why some women have to get a c-section done, I think is also that the media publishes too many stories about celebs who are "too posh to push" and now everyone assumes that if you had a c-section you were just too lazy. >:o( I hope you had a chance to have a go at your sis.... :-8
under construction Posts: 3458
Oh my god the flipping cheek of her. Who cares how the baby comes out as long as baby and mother are ok. What a cow. I had a section, because baby was breech with bum wedged in my pelvis. If it hadn't been detected on a scan that day, i would have gone into labour myself. But doc didn't give me an option and just said its a section, he said they wouldn't take the risk as there was a very small chance of cerebal palsy if i had the baby naturally. I certainly don't feel any less of a women for having a section, i carried my baby from day one till he was born and that's good enough for me. As for with number two, the consultant told me there is a 75% chance i can have a natural birth but they would only let me labour for 5 hours - to be honest i don't care if i have to have another section if i am blessed enough to have a second child.
corkrebel Posts: 744
oh my God, Giddy...how small minded and mean... I had my daughter by section ...not intentional but it was done for the safety of my baby ... and it sounds like yours wa doen for the safety of you and your babay.. in fairness, you got to 10 cm ( I only made it to 6cm) so you had a lot of the work done bar the pushing... and who says you have to be a martyr and go through the world of pain in order to bring your baby ,SAFELY, into this world??? ok, so you did not oush you LO out ...but you went through the whole process of getting to 10 cms and now you haev a gorgeous little daughter.... is it something to be proud of that you are not right for a year after having a baby vaginally ( which istotal crap by the way ...my 2 friends have had her babies vaginally and were right as rain very quickly after the delivery..) your sister would want to get off the cross..... >:o( sorry...but that makes me so mad...like you are any less of a woman cos you had to haev a section ...pagh! :-8 O:o)
nea dude Posts: 749
You most certainly are not less of a woman for having a section. Your sister deserves a good whip of an ash plant!!! How dare she insult you like that. I'm very close to my sister, but if she ever said something like that I would put her in her place immidately!! You should not allow your sister to continue saying what she says, have words with her, stern words and inform her she does not know what she is talking about. What does your sister expect, that the doctors let you and your baby die to prove you are a woman!! Honestly just reading this post makes me furious on your behalf.
StayShiny Posts: 1078
sweet lord GiddyBride, you poor thing, having to listen to her!!! She obviously dosen't understand the point of being pregnant ... it is to have a baby!!! not to have a vaginal birth or a caesarean ... Personally, I don't care what happens on the day ... whatever is best for me and my little one. Cuz' I didn't get pregnant to have the labour experience. Hope you can just ignore her utter ignorance and insensitivity. :xxx PS was reading your story at the start and thought wow bet you defo had the C-section, as that is what happens in cases like yours - I only just read it last night in the book "what to expect when you are expecting" ...
Anonymous Posts: 24542
OMG! What a *****, I can't believe people still think like that! I was all ready to go for natural birth, but was sectioned after about 12hrs. I was soooooo glad afterwards as I had terrible fear of the birth. I can honestly say I would have section again, and am not interested in a VBAC. I dont have to prove anything to anyone and neither does anyone else! As far as I know these days you can have a good few sections without it being dangerous. I would have cut across her with no ceremony and told her whats what. How dare she treat you like that!!! Hope you feel better soon *)