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Cutey Pie Posts: 419
Im 10 weeks pregnant and ... well i dont feel pregnant. I never got morning sickness. Now dont get me wrong im always tired, my boobs are always sore and have got bigger, i have a couple of stretch marks and im scoffing fruit and veg like never before but i STILL dont " feel" pregnant. We have our first scan in 2 weeks and i know after that that it will be more real and im really living for this. Anyone else feel the same ? :lvs
alton Posts: 3077
It takes a while to sink in. I felt very disconnected from the experience until I saw the scan. Something just woke up in me as soon as I saw that little creature on the screen. And I didn't realise how much doubt, worry and anxiety I had until afterwards when I knew that the baby was alive; growing normally; the right size for its age; I wasn't making it all up; there was only one baby; it had a head and arms and legs; etc. I wasn't consciously worried (much) but afterwards the relief was enormous. I don't know if I'd say I felt pregnant when I was 10 weeks - but I was horribly sick, depressed, exhausted and not coping well at all. So a bit different to you! Which makes me think that the feeling that its all a bit unreal is probably a hormonal effect. I think your scan will make all the difference. It's such an amazing moment.
Cutey Pie Posts: 419
Thanks for the reply Alton - dont get my wrong i am over the moon to be pregnant - i suppose i just want my bump now !!! :o0