Sort of a pain?

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marriedinmay Posts: 578
Hi, I woke up this morning with a light stabbing pain REALLY low down on my left hand side, it got a bit better after I had a wee. Could I still be geting streching pains? I was going to give it an hour or see if it went away. ;o(
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Hiya hun, Could be the start of BH or you may have a urinary infection. See how u go but if it is still there pretty much constantly (BH aren't they can hang on for a while an dthen go and come back) I would go to ur gp and just get them to check. U are more prone to kidney infection etc when pg it perfectly normal but best keep an eye Could also be stretching pains I had them right up to 32 weeks on DD
marriedinmay Posts: 578
Mrs Bambi, Thanks so much for your reply! It has eased off now, I won't botehr the midwife now, delighted they have gone :)