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Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
I just found a lump in my breast. I'm fairly sure it wasn't there before but I'm in the middle of my period. Does anyone know if you can get a breast check done during a period or does the tissue change? Is it better to wait til I'm finished? Thanks
bales Posts: 574
Dont panic!Easy to say I know!Id usually say wait until your period is finished but for peace of mind Id go to the GP.They will prob tell you to wait til after your period aswell but you will probably feel better! :action32
katiecaboom Posts: 831
Afaik you Have to wait till a certain time of your cycle-not during period. But there's no harm ringing doc to check. Hope you're ok. Btw I think your breasts are more lumpy during period. Thinking of you x
LittleLily Posts: 3682
Definitely don't panic. Theres so many things it could be. I definitely find my boobs are tender and hard and lumpy before and during period so this could be a strong possibility. Hormones are a b*tch. Go to the doctor to get checked out but definitely don't panic.
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Thanks folks, I'm sitting here crying like a sap (I'm blaming that on hormones too). I'm sure it's nothing but I was just on to the surgery there, I have to wait til a week after :(
bales Posts: 574
Good but try not to worry! :wv
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Trying hard, it's just annoying to find it now and be able to do nothing for two weeks.
castaway Posts: 296
Firstly DO NOT PANIC, I have just been through all the checking and biopsys etc. I never once had a heart fluttering moment or loss of sleep over it. Go to you GP and ask him/her to book you into the breast clinic in Beamont, your apt will take about 2 months. I went and had a scan and they found more then the lump that I knew about and they did a biopsy on another area, everything thankfully was fine. I honestly didn't even loose a wink of sleep then night before I got my results, there is no point in letting panic set in.
Girl From Mars Posts: 1446
Castaway- it takes 2 months to get an appointment?? Is this not supposed to be one of those things that you're supposed to take care of asap? I'm a little wigged over the two week wait at the moment. I know logically there's no point to worrying it's just hard to keep it out of mind.
mamasarus Posts: 831
Hi there, I too have been in your situation twice. I think the fact that you've just noticed the lump, probably means that it is to do with you time of month. As it wasn't there before iykwim. Both my lumps were there ages before I'd the courage to get them checked. But saying that, get it checked. I've had two fibroidanomas, they are benign lumps and totally harmless. It's more than likely that or a cyst. I know it's very worrying but just get to the gp and get referral to Beaumont breast clinic. You can always go private if you are overly worried. I'm sure it's nothing chick xx