Soup options at the Hodson Bay

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Fizz101 Posts: 23
Hi Guys, I'm trying to decide which soup to go for, for our wedding in April we have our menu tasting next week and can taste two options but they have 8 options and we haven't tried any of them, I did ask for recommendations so have narrowed it down to potato & bacon, roasted pepper and Chorizo and butternut squash with hazelnut oil I was wondering if anyone had tried any of these and could recommend any or any other Hodson Brides to be out there that have had their tasting already or any married couples that might have an option. Thank you in advance :wv
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
We had our wedding there a good few years ago. We actually asked for a soup that wasn't on their menu and they happily did it for us. It was butternut squash with carrot. It was lovely and they did a great job of it. They were a bit nervous and had a big pot of vegetable soup ready on the day incase people didn't like it but it went down a treat and everyone raved about it. Butternut squash is fab although I haven't it tried it with the oil. It's really nice with roasted red pepper too
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I should add that the roasted pepper and chorizo sounds yummy