South Africa & Mauritius March 2017

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Romanticjoe Posts: 4
Hi All, Looking to book our honeymoon for 2017 and we are thinking of South Africa (2 weeks) and Mauritius (1week). Just wondering has anyone plans to or has anyone been to South Africa and Mauritius and how did you find it? We're looking for any hints and tips and also where did you find best to book from? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! O-O
AK2015 Posts: 31
Hi, We have also gone with South Africa - have always wanted to go there. We did look at some other places like Bali, Maldives etc. but found that with SA and Mauritius - there was the best mix of things to do! We are going in August and I know weather there won't be as hot but that doesn't bother us. We are doing Cape Town 4 nights, renting a car and driving along wine country and garden route (about 5 nights) stopping off in an amazing treetop lodge for a few days, then safari for 2 nights. One night stop over in Port Elizabeth and then over to Mauritus for 5 nights. Super excited and the more I read about it the happier I am. Suits us to have a few interesting things to do along the way. We booked through trailfinders. TBH with wedding planning enough organising to do I just wanted one aspect of wedding to be really easy and they have been great and really patient with us! Let me know if you have any other questions :)
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
We have just returned from our honeymoon in Dubai (4 nights) and Mauritius (7 nights). South Africa was in the running but we ruled it out as it involved a lot of self drive which we just didn't fancy to be honest as we drive so much during the week. Mauritius was fab but I would say that 7 nights is more than enough there. We stayed in Lux Belle Mare Hotel which is out of this world. Just paradise. The attention to deal and the level of service is so good that you actually feel a bit uncomfortable. They even clean you sun glasses by the pool!! You do not lift a finger the whole time you are there. Like most hotels in Mauritius you really don't venture outside the confines of your own hotel unless you are doing a pre booked trip. You get to see the main towns on your drive from the airport but you really wouldn't want to stop there as they are pretty run down. We went to an area called Calela (not sure if the spelling is correct) to go on a Safari which was really good. We had an hour there but could easily spend half a day there. On the same day we went to the French speaking district - Black River to swim with the dolphins. It was a 3 hour boat trip but on the day we were there unfortunately there were not a lot of dolphins so we found the 3 hour boat trip a bit long. There was the option to get off and go snorkelling also. Mauritius is an ideal honeymoon destination if you just want to chill out and relax as there really is nothing else to do. As beautiful as our hotel was, we found that there was nothing to do at night. We went for dinner each night in our hotel but once our meal was over, there was no entertainment really so every couple just seemed to head back to their own villa. After 7 nights we were kind of glad to be leaving. So I guess what I am saying is if you want to just lie around and completely chill out then Mauritius is perfect but if you are more of a get up and go sort of couple then you might find Mauritius or Maldives etc is not for you. We had a fantastic time in both places but in hindsight I think it's hard to beat America or a cruise - adventure and relaxation. Best of luck though with your choice. It is so nice when you get something booked and have it to look forward to. Oh we booked with Travel Counsellors and they were excellent - would highly recommend them.
June17 Posts: 1
Hi we are getting married in June and have the exact same plan - South Africa Garden trail and Mauritius. Can I ask you how much you have been quoted for this? We are getting €8k estimates and it seems out of our budget but I really want to go. It seems you mention the word wedding or honeymoon and the price automatically increases! I love the idea of SA and Mauritius and less chance of Zika even better. Any advise or recommendations would be great
AK2015 Posts: 31
Yes, so ours is coming in just over 6k in Pounds (we are based in the UK). TBH we had looked at doing 3 weeks in Bali but it was over a grand more expensive (we were looking there to see if we could get a cheaper holiday for the 3 weeks) and not as interesting/luxurious(poorer quality hotels). I know it seems like a lot but we really wanted holiday of our dreams for 3 full weeks which we have. Also that includes flights, airport transfers, car rental 5* resort that is half board, safari tours, all accomm etc. so when we broke it down definitely felt it was worth it. Would strongly recommend doing the Treetop lodge as well - have been reading loads of reviews and it sounds very luxurious! Feel free to drop me a PM if you want more info.
Smallensmall Posts: 139
Hey Ladies, I just got back from this exact honeymoon on Monday. We did 2 weeks in SA and 1 week in Mauritius. Id highly recommend it, especially South Africa.. It was amazing... particularly if you are into wildlife (I'm not, I still loved it. My hubby is, he was in his element!) We flew into Cape Town for 4 nights and stayed in the V&A Waterfront area. It is fab but to be honest it was a little dead at night. Most places close after dinner... so by 11pm its pretty empty. There only seemed to be two lively bars - an Irish one and an English one and even they were relatively empty. If I was going back again I would have stayed in Camps Bay and just got a taxi to the Waterfront when we wanted to see it. It definitely seemed like there was a lot more going on in Camps Bay and its beautiful. We then drove went to Franschoek for 2 nights (Amazing) and Oudstoorn for 1. It was about a 5 hour drive but was worth it just for the spectacular scenery. we then spent 2 nights in Plettenberg bay and 3 nights on Safari. The Safari was the best part for me. Its absolutely fantastic. We stayed in Pumba Water lodge and it was beautiful although they were a little stingy on the "All Inclusive" they claim to be. We then spent a night in Port Elizabeth and flew to Mauritius for a week. Mauritius is beautiful and lots to do their if you are organised or the perfect place to chill out and do nothing if thats what you want. Its very warm, much warmer than South Africa. As a honeymoon it was fantastic... I would highly recommend it. Its not cheap though. I think ours was 9200 euro although we did choose nice hotels so you could probably do it a bit cheaper. When I was booking mine I went through three travel agents and got a price from all of them. Trailfinders were really good but the girl I dealt with in Go Hop was brilliant and I gave her the Trailfinders price and asked her if she could do better and she did so I went with them. If you've any questions Im happy to answer them... but its definitely a brilliant choice, just bear in mind the time of year cause it can get cold there ! We were there at the end of September and it was 21/22 degrees during the day but pretty cool at night.
GoHop Travel Expert Posts: 75
Hi Romanticjoe, South Africa & Mauritius are an ideal combination and easily arranged with a little planning. Choosing your itinerary very much depends on the time of year you are travelling - if departing from SEP - MAR, you should look at Cape Town, the Garden Route and a Safari in the Eastern Cape. IF travelling from APR - AUG, then the Indian Ocean side of South Africa is the best choice. Mauritius is a big island with lots of fantastic accommodation to choose from and you can go off exploring the surrounds, go scuba diving, snorkelling, etc. All Inclusive is always a good option here and I recommend you book good 4* accomm in South Africa and then splurge a bit on Mauritius. The best advise I can offer you is to plan and book early! Availability is surprisingly difficult to get for 2017, esp. your safari stay if planning this part of your itinerary. I would be very happy to advise and help you if I may as I know both destinations better than most! Andre Product Manager 38 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Tel +353 87 746 3631 Direct Line +353 1 2412372 Email [email protected] Website