South Dublin wollies: recommend your facial therapist!

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R2theB Posts: 1660
Looking to start facials in the run up to the wedding, probably one every six weeks or so. Can anyone living in Dublin recommend a great facial therapist in the city centre or south side? I tried Guinot before and it didn't suit my skin and I don't think Dermalogica is rich enough for my haggard old face. So I'm thinking of trying Eve Lom or Yon Ka but keeping an open mind. I think a lot of it depends on how good your therapist is, so would really appreciate hearing about any personal excellent experiences. Thanks!
Drift Gal Posts: 178
I have very sensitive skin which also gets dry, so I really have to look after it I also found Guinot too rich, and Dermologica way too harsh - it literally tore strips off my skin..... I swear by Decleor products, they are so fresh and moisturizing, expensive but worth it. Try Nu Essence on South Anne Street for their range of facials... Or else in South Dublin try Topaz Beauty in Rathfarnham Shopping Centre Good luck x
lulu126 Posts: 1095
R2theB, I really recommend Yon-Ka facials. They're amazing and the whole experience is just such a treat. I've found no matter who does them me and my skin always feel incredible afterwards! I'm not on the south side but if you're prepared to stray over the river, Lemons in Clontarf is well worth the trip!
R2theB Posts: 1660
Thanks for the replies ladies! I definitely think I'll check out the Yon Ka to start with, but Clontarf is a bit far so I'll check where's good around town/southside. Drift Gal, I'm very close to Rathfarnham so may check out Topaz Beauty at some stage. :wv