South Kildare Mums2be Help, Portlaoise or Coombe which one??

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magicbean Posts: 37
Hi Girls! I just got my BFP this week and got it confirmed by doctor today I an 4 and a half weeks gone. I am new to the area and don't really know anyone so counting on you guys to help me out. The choices for me are Portlaoise which is only 20mins down the road from me or the Coombe which do their antenatal clinics in naas? I am just not sure! Any advise appreciated! Magicbean
coconut Posts: 2183
i am going to portlaois as i live in portarlington and i am only few mins away, i have heard good things about the coombe!
fxfor3 Posts: 2347
I have heard good things and bad things about both hospitals i think this could be said for all hospitals. i went to coombe on first dd and had clinics in naas and found them great not long waits for appointments and they were really i guess whichever is handiest for you.
rubies Posts: 1375
I had no complaints about Portlaoise but don't have any where else to compare it too. The fact that it's closer to you and that it's smaller might be positives though. I mean you won't get stuck in traffic getting there either.
magicbean Posts: 37
Thanks girls for the replys I think I am swaying more towards portlaoise at the minute just because it is closer. I haven't ruled out the coombe yet.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
Im going to coombe Naas and have to say I cant fault it, you used to have to go go to coombe for some of the appointments but now you go to Naas from day one till you deliver (unless you have major complications). My first app was at 8am and I was out by 8.45, Ive heard girls in coombe talking about being there for hours for their first appointments!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi Magic bean, i have just found out im pregnant on second baby and will be due same day as you !!!! I went to Portlaoise for my DD, i found them very good, i was never very long waiting on appts and when i was in hospital delivering and afterwards they were very good. My sister had her first in Coombe and went to Portlaoise for second and found them much better, she felt once she delivered in Coombe she got no help afterwards. She is pregnant on her third and going to Portlaoise again. Her consultant is Dr Doyle (Private) i went public and will be this time too. Also its less worry about being stuck in traffic in labour trying to get to the Coombe, im only 30 mins from the hospital and its a relief to know you can get there quickly. Good luck anyway whatever you decide.
magicbean Posts: 37
thanks girls for the help really appreciate Notlongtogo if I go for Portlaoise (which I think we are) we could end up in the same room as you!
09Dreams Posts: 260
I'm another Coombe/Naas attendee and have had only good experiences including an overnight in the Coombe. Just to note though that they don't take semi-private in Naas clinic anymore, just public or private.
over the moon Posts: 676
Hi Magicbean, I had my DD in Portlaoise and am going there again with this baba (due in 4wks) I'm attending Dr Hosams private clinic and find him great but also have plenty of friends and family that went public and found the attention and care they got in Portlaoise excellent. The midwives are the real heroes there..couldnt speak highly enough of them. To be honest it's your own personal choice and there are all pro's and con's for all hospitals but when you're living only 20 mins away I would definately go with Portlaoise cos its just so handy and hassle free for appointments, parking and they also do antenatal classes. Best of luck with whatever you decide. :wv