SP Coombe Friday morn-what consultant??

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mrs.july Posts: 3167
My appts are Friday morns-havent been yet-just had booking visit. wasn't asked who I wanted, just given an appt so no idea who the consultant is or team?? Think I saw Team T on my chart but not positive. Any ideas????
WinterGal Posts: 835
My appointments are all on Thursdays, the first two times I saw the same female Doctor and the next two times I saw two different male Doctors. So i don't think you are guaranteed to see the same Doctor no matter what time your appointments are at. HTH
whackywoman Posts: 1496
I used to go and see Tom D'arcy on a friday but I was private. Not sure from your post are you going public/semi private or private?
mrs.july Posts: 3167
Sorry it's semi-private-i know mightn't see consultant every time but still would be nice to know.
HappyMe Posts: 727
I was wondering the same thing - I just got my letter and my apts will be at 1.30 on a Thurs - anyone know what consultants team that is?
mooky Posts: 1501
hi.. i attend SP clinic on Fridays and Sharon Sheehan is the consultant. she's lovely and came highly recommended from a friend of mine
Maybump Posts: 527
I go on a friday morning sp to the Coombe too. I hasd Sharon Sheenhan for the first 2 visits but on my last one it was a different doctor. You might not see the same doctor each visit it depends who is on duty. You spend more time waiting then with doctor so I don't really mind. Usually just asked if I've any problems and then a mini scan done. [url=http://www.TickerFactory.com/] [img:1lipho2e]http://tickers.TickerFactory.com/ezt/d/1;18;96/st/20090426/dt/5/k/cf9a/preg.png[/img:1lipho2e] [/url]