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lindy Posts: 1135
Hi was just wondering did anyone one here go sp in the rotunda ,and did you get to stay in sp room in the end, im told if no bed available ill be in a public ward. Ill be sectioned and would love to be in the sp room less people and babies crying so i can get some rest.
Gingham Posts: 3014
Hey Lindy, Had a baby last November sp in Rotunda...did not get a semi private bed the first night and was told I wouldnt get one the second night aswell so asked to go home early.. public ward was a nightmare... I think it is the luck of the draw and also what time of the day you have your baby... i had a evening baby and all the sp beds were gone at that stage.... in saying that there were 4 women on the public ward who were sp patients and ahead of me on the list for a sp bed....
roxychick Posts: 1802
Definately depends on the day. With DS1 I ended up in a public ward for the first 2 nights and they moved me to SP for the last night. With DS2 I was in a 3 bed ward and had it all to myself the first night. The nurses in the public ward were actually lovely. They even took DS1 for me to let me get some sleep because he was crying so much. The public ward wasn't full both nights either. So it's not all bad if you end up in the public ward