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desiredbard Posts: 18
OK bit of a long story about the why and how. Mrs has her birthday 4-6, the bank holiday monday, and she will be 8 months gone by then. I had planned about half a year ago to go diving in Valencia but seen the current situation it does not seem like a good idea to be on the other side of this island, on an island so short before she is about to... I would have been back the monday anyway, but am now reconcidering taking a weekend out together, however..... I do not like spa's and pampering... so preferably I am looking for something seaside so she can get her hot pebble treatment massage and aromatherapy while I still can go and dive...... Anyone here any suggestions... please mail me at [email protected] Thanx in advance BTW babypictures on:
Cowslip Posts: 761
There is a spa at Inchydoney, which is right on the sea in West Cork. There must be some chance of going diving around there.... [url:31ffd8nj][/url:31ffd8nj]